Son picked up really quick


I got my son a skateboard for Xmas, he’s only just turned 7, and hasn’t been doing any board sports before, within 3 days he can ride switch, prefers goofy, can jump of a 3 foot wall onto the board and skate on and seem to be really at home skating about. I was wondering if this is standard or maybe he has something special? And what I should do?

I’ve been skating, snowboarding, surfing since I was little, but never got as good at skating as he seems already. Super cool.

Just let him skate and enjoy it! Take him to spots and parks and show him some cool vids. At that age it might be cool just to see how he sticks with it.


thought this was going to be about son heung-min tbh


I’d never talk highly of a Spurs player :wink:

I’m taking him to the skate park tomorrow, there are a few near me. I’ve showed the videos of him skating to a few mates who are into this kinda stuff and they seem to be amazed that he can do it that quick. I mean he’s probably only spent about 6 hours on the board.

I will just skate with him and see if carries on.


Might as well phone the olympics just to be on the safe side


Or contact sky brown’s PR company


I mean, not to lessen your hype on your sons ability but I teach skate lessons to similar kids and some of them learn to drop in on ramps within hours and can do similar stuff to your lad. I mean, he might have some incredible talent in the future but so far it’s pretty normal to be doing what he’s doing, some kids just have the knack and some dont!

And then about 3 months down the line they get bored and quit


Think that’s what you mean


Thanks mate, that’s good to know. If it’s just standard then that’s all good.

He doesn’t like his scooter, bit boring he says.

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Look on YouTube for Trae The Tank and his Dad…and do the total opposite of that.
Glad he’s enjoying it!


Yeah, be supportive and while he’s at that age enable his new hobby but please do not turn into a coach dad, nearly every time it turns the kid into a vilified oddball, even if they turn out to be really good.

how many no comply hand flips can your lad do in a minute btw? asking for a mate based in milton keynes


This. If you want your kid to have knees.

Haha, I suspect he’ll have that laced in the next couple of days. :wink: tho he can now ride manual for about 5 mtrs.

Anyway, thanks for the bringing me back down to earth, as long as he’s happy then that’s cool with me.


That is nothing. Look at what Boris’ child did at only 8 months old:

If anything, it sounds like your son might be developing a bit slowly. Would try to exchange him if you can.

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Baffling that that story’s still up. I guess the Telegraph don’t read their Twitter comments.

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That’s not real surely.

Been an interesting morning on here!

Wondered that too, so Googled it. Disappointingly real.