SOTY Trip Edit

Quite short. Did they go hard enough? Would Evan Smith have done better? How close was Jake Donnelly to killing himself?

So it was a 3 min edit with 2 min of phone footage and TJs weird mate in it.

Bangers in there that switch shuv near the end was sick.

Kevin Bradley is amazing.

That fs 360 over the bump to bar was bonkers

What’s the Jake at southbank situation?

Ah ok so you’re suggesting selecting a black SOTY was political.

Personally I think he deserved it but I get your point.

Not all SOTY’s have to be footage machines, it’s not like anyone else on the trip killed it more than him.

Evan Smith might have produced a 10 minute video part on a SOTY trip but I doubt he’d have nollie heel flipped over a big fuck off bump to bar, which is the kind of flavour that won TJ SOTY in the first place.

Lol you’re tripping mate

Also people commenting on length, are you really surprised? Fuck if I won won SOTY I’d use the trip to just go and have a laugh and a skate with my crew not turn it into some fuck off serious filming mission. Good on him for bringing all his crew along to a sick destination and to be honest whilst it was shorter than some of the past ones the quality was real fucking good (whokid aside)

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Yeah I agree HH - music aside (Personal thing) i enjoyed that clip. Filming was a bit odd at times, (made me wonder if they’d busted a fish eye or something) but aside from that I thought it was good. Some heavy single tricks and more of a street session vibe than previous SOTY vids. No skateparks etc. I probably won’t watch it again but the same can be said for most Thrasher content these days. It did the job: which is to align ‘the bible’ with Supreme/FA/some of the most vaunted street skaters of the moment.

If the biggest media outlet in the world paid for you to go on a serious filming mission you’d just have a laugh with your mates? Bet you’re often employee of the month!

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Not sure straight nollie heeling waist high bump to bars really constitutes ‘having a laugh’ but I get what you’re saying too Parp. The Insta montage at the end was a bit wack but it’s all part of Thrasher being current isn’t it? Plus that’s how the vast majority of kids digest skate footage now anyway so makes sense

It didn’t look as though they were even away that long. Previous trips have been like 10 days in OZ and shit.

TJ and his crew looked like they were having fun to me on the trip. Also got some amazing footage.

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They came through with 3 minutes of straight street hammers whilst also obviously having a laugh at the same time. The 10+ minute edits are usually bulked out with a load of lifestyle stuff and bro down shots anyway

Also your ‘affirmative action’ comment was dumb as fuck

Nah it wasn’t, Mr “Official”

Haha for some reason I was thinking of Jake Sawyer

What a fucking weird thing to say.

I enjoyed it, lots of sketchy hanging on for dear life kind of skating which is always fun to watch.

Flip front blunt the wrong way was cool.