Southbank restored- Thoughts?

Yeah it is a great achievement and sets a good precedent.

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I’m definitely impressed it happened, it’s an amazing turnaround from a few years ago.

i remember when they were planning to build a horrible skate park over where the bird poo banks used to be as a replacement for south bank, would’ve been a travesty

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I think it’s amazing what they’ve achieved and the people involved should be praised for their hard work. What I’m complaining about is that pre-2004 there was no graffiti and it looked better. I don’t know why the area has to be graff’d because there are skaters there.

I thought that was part of the deal, so skaters could keep skating there in the first place? It was turned into ‘an urban space’ for skating, parkour, break dancin’, extreme yo-yo’ing and such. Including graffiti. So it is a shared space, with-out them it would of been harder too keep, if at all? So unfortunately it is a means to an end that we all have too put up with.

A necessary evil, I guess.


geez, it’s like they’re discriminated against.

I get what you’re saying. I don’t want to sound ungrateful. It’s a great opportunity and a phenomenal achievement. No other solution would have been viable. But wtf is an ‘urban space’. I know you’re being a bit facetious but did those groups make claims on the site in the same way? A sort of cultural relativism that parkour or whatever is of the same value objectively as skateboarding so we’ll just lump them all together. That’s what the kids like?

Somewhere to herd together the riff-(g)raff

If they’d got rid of it that area would have just become a tourist zone. I’m stoked for London that a ‘space’ like that can be given prominence in a high rent area… I could waffle on but can’t be arsed but I think it’s a very positive thing not just for those who use it.

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Its brilliant. An area for skateboarders to fuck about/ perform in, that I assume costs the South Bank Centre money to upkeep - that area has enlarged. whaaat?!!
I had a quick roll through SB on Sunday, and sat on the beam to reminise. Seeing a sight - a fun, undercover, friendly bank - 15+ plus after it had been boarded up and demolished - was a trip, totally surreal.
The graff is wicked. I love seeing what the paint huffing nutters can come up with without having to rush.
Skateboard culture is worth perserving - this is solid proof.
Amazing work to all involved.


Only on this forum would people still find something to moan about. I know nothing about graffiti but I like how it looks down there. And £1m could either cement the existence and expansion of the UK’s most historic skate spot in a prime location, or it could have built a plaza somewhere in a zone 5 tube stop.


Nope, you can’t confine negativity to just here. I think you’d find it everywhere if the question was asked.

Personally I think it’s amazing and the work done is phenominal! I can’t add anymore really, just generic praise of the highest order.

As for the space, it looks so different to me in that vid. I can’t work it out, not how I remember it. I guess i’d have to go and roll through myself.

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I think perhaps I came across as negative earlier, but I definitely wasn’t trying to belittle anyone’s hard work, nor the project as a whole, as it is completely amazing.

I guess I was just trying to imagine what else could have happened… Certainly not a plaza in zone 5, maybe trying to create something new in the old space, but obviously that would be a contradiction to the whole message of preserving the space, so maybe I’m just an idiot and should keep quiet haha

To be fair there’s a decent park just gone up in Acton. What zone is that?

Zone 3. I used to work in North Acton.

i’m from west london originally. looking forward to visiting that new park, everything else aside it has a double-sided ledge at the top of a small bank! stoked

fun fact, i cracked my skull open in an old playground in that park when i was about 4. not sure if that’s a good precedent for me and the skatepark but hey


i think its incredible what they achieved. Serious commitment and effort from LLSB!

Bank to wall next?

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