Southbank restored- Thoughts?

Just wondered what people’s thoughts are on the new Southbank restoration. Well done to everyone involved in fundraising etc. The hard work paid off. I saw photos and it looks amazing but can’t help thinking it would be so much better without the graffiti.

Yeah I agree. The walls have become way too busy down there.

Haven’t been yet but really stoked. Always preferred that part to the part they kept. Have they restored the steps as well?

Hate the graffiti


Fully agree. It was never a graffiti destination 20 years ago, why now?

I hate that skateboarding gets lumped with graffiti all the time. They get all territorial about their work and I’ve seen all kinds of fights over painting existing pieces etc. It just ruins the vibe of the place.

Make South Bank Clean Again.


No steps. That part is still boxed off.

So stoked about the wee banks.

Bit disappointed it’s not both. There was a sort of driveway between the two wee banks. The furthest one was so mellow and good for learners.

One of my lines bitd was tank at the wee bank (with your back to the bank-to-wall ) and pop out to manual across the driveway and and back down the other wee bank.

That line is probs still doable for me, IL never do it now.

*Sniff boohoo


Agree on the graf. Stuff that’s been untouched since the fucker was built were tagged up within minutes. Looks shitty. But to be expected I suppose. I wonder since it’s now lit will it be open 24 hours a day? And will they have security all the time?


Yeah, I wish they’d get rid of all of the graffiti there. Looks way better clean…

I kind of hate all graffiti or at least the idiots that mark shit with their ‘tag’ on any on thing.

There is a really chill spot down at our local nature reserve that we hang out at and some fucking cunt has ‘tagged’ their utter fucking shiiiiite graffiti all over the stone walls there.

As for SB, it’s looks way more of a fun skatepark now. Keep to skate the mini bank for sure.

I like Graffiti (proper pieces done well) and even painted down SB myself once (Soz) and i agree looks way better clean!!!

stoked the little banks are back, I remember kickflipping down the original ones when i was a grom haha

It’s amazing in a lot of ways.

(But also looking at the costs, I can’t help but think what else could have been achieved with that money, other than a trip to the past.)

I just think there’s something ridiculous about spending like £1 million and months of campaigning to release clean parts of the original layout and within days have it graffiti’d and covered in rubbish tags. I think it was good when they used to clean off the paint every few days to enforce how it used to look originally.

I’m happy that they’ve restored some of an iconic site but it’s amazing to think what £1 million could buy in terms of facilities

When I heard they were re-opening the old space I thought they meant the whole place, driveway thing and all. I’m a little disappointed that it’s just a weird cul-de-sac area of the little banks, especially when they had a million quid to spend on it.
Anyone know if they’re planning to open up any more of the space?

are we talking keep just the newly opened section clean or whitewash the whole thing? always enjoyed the visual appeal of the graff in skate footage but i’ve also been doing graff since i was a kid so im obviously biased, shame the older stuff that was uncovered got fucked instantly. is sb considered a legal wall at this point?

People complaining about the £1 million spent to restore the little banks. Have you looked at what £1 million will get for you in central London? Would you rather give up the space?

I’m stoked that LLSB raised the money and organised this. They deserve all the praise they’ve received and more.


I think it is classed as a legal wall nowdays.

South Bank was going to be completely lost at one stage, to pop up coffee and food shops. Just keeping it was an achievement in its self. Surely this is still beyond what anyone could of dreamed or imagined happening back then? So I’d find it hilarious if anyone has the cheek too moan. Especially if they didn’t put in one tiny bit of the hard, tireless work involved. LLSB should be up for some sort of heritage, community recognition award.