Probably not.

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Yeah, well…wow. That was fucking amazing to watch.

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I own this one:


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I finally finished this. Holy. Fucking. Shit. It’s an absolute face melter. Amazing.

At ten minutes in I was wondering how much further it could go and there was still 20 minutes left to go. It’s hard to fathom how lucky we are to exist when you watch something like this.

A billion trillion trillion trillion trillion tri… Just :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:


It’s funny…because I thought I’d come out feeling like everything was completely and utterly pointless.
But actually, I came out at the end realising how fucking tiny we all are as an entire race, for the entire time the human race exists…and that the point was that I should probably get on and enjoy it all.

We’re pretty lucky.



Yeah in terms of humanity we don’t even have a blink of an eye. It doesn’t feel hopeless at all though. The opposite.

Fuck I might just watch it again. It’s better than most films I’ve seen.

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I did some work at RAF Fylingdales on North York’s Moors. The giant golf ball things that got replaced by weird pyramid shapes. They’re space radars that track objects in higher atmosphere/space, to help the US see what might be headed their way from China etc.

Inside were lots of very pale middle aged men with long beards. Like a ZZ Top/serial killer convention. They had SAD light lamps to fend off the effects of spending all day working behind 3 ft of concrete blast walls.

They would regularly contact the various space stations to let them know about bits of space rock headed towards the wind screen cos the velocity meant something the size of a Malteser would fuck things up big time.

I’m pretty sure they know what’s headed our way.

I took a look in their health and safety accident book to see what accidents happened in somewhere so safe, protected and rule bound. The only accident requiring medical attention was a boffin from the pyramid walking to the canteen got distracted perving on a ladies boobs as she walked past him and he put his foot down a rabbit hole and broke his ankle.


If that much detail was pick up, I presume she was in charge of the accident book.

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They use crisps for that? Wild.


Hahaha! Yep. Or the guy’s ex-wife.

So these guys could track maltesers in space? That’s so sick

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Or Galaxys, Milky Ways, Mars. Whatever is knocking about


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