Anyone watching that launch


Im hoping for a perfect hip.

Space is alright but I never got the people that lose their shit over it.

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I like it. It’s huge, you know. Really big.

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This is a good video about black holes.


Space is the Place.

Fucking love the movie Interstellar.

Well worth a watch after a spliff if that’s your thing.


So this just happened…


So Musk is claiming that was a rapid unscheduled disassembly? I suppose is one way of saying it blew the fuck up.



“Do…do we stop clapping and cheering? It blew up?”
“Shhh, just keep going, they might not notice”

I was watching a stream that some incredibly excited space nerds were running, apparently this was still more successful than they were expecting.SpaceX have blown up loads of stuff developing the things they’ve now got working.

Back in April I was out in the garden in the early hours letting the dog do her thing. I was looking at the stars and noticed one moving. Oh, a satellite I think. Then another one appeared, then another and another all evenly spaced just moving in a line across the sky. I thought military aircraft in formation? No noise though…hmmm? Then another followed by more. Full Close Encounters style. WTF is that? It was baffling. I wanted to go and grab my phone/camera but didn’t want to stop watching the spectacle. I watched it until the last light disappeared, still none the wiser as to what I had just seen. Well obviously after a quick google I realised it was Elon Musk’s Starlink project. I don’t know if any of you guys have seen it but it’s well worth checking to see when it’s visible in your area. It looks mental.


Nah, that’s the 5Gs coming.

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It was back in April just before lockdown… shit, you’re on to something there.

Sick that it comes down horizontally. I don’t know why

Yeah it’s crazy how much control they have over the movement of something that’s basically a massive cylinder.

Yeah I watched about 4 of these this year. Very odd the first time, like aliens are coming.

I nearly crashed a very expensive car in California when this launched
(2.22 is the bit I saw)

Legit though Nuclear war had broken out

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That’s crazy looking. I’m surprised a load of those cars aren’t just swerving off the road.