Spotify Wrapped

I’m always intrigued by people’s stuff.

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Mine is a bit boring to be honest.


Never boring with the worlds best group at number 1 :heart:


Surprised that Fugazi made it to number 2, dont really remember listening to them that much this year, but Spotify knows better

Not sure whether to be pleased or offended with this


I don’t know what chamber pop is


Me neither I had that in mine.

Because cropped out;
Number 1 is Just Want To See His Face
Number 3 is Keith & Tex
Number 5 is Don’t Want To Be No General
I’m more & more of a philistine each year
I love Exile On Main Street very much.

Got Portland too, completely different music to you though :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Frankie Cutlass is super underrated haha. Think most of those minutes were spent listening to this when it suddenly appeared on Spotify.

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Hmmmmmm a moment….the water stuff is to help get my son to sleep. I also wake up a lot with music or podcasts still playing, hence the number of minutes!

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Can people post their top 100 songs playlist? Those are more interesting and I need all the help I can get these days here’s mine


I can’t listen to music with words when i’m reading hence high ranking of Johan and max.

My location is Burlington, USA


Don’t know if anyone else would enjoy this selection but here’s mine :smiley:


In my old age I really like revisiting things I may have slept on for whatever reason in the past and these are great for that

Here’s mine if you are that way inclined:

A Blur b-side is number 2, Christ…

Also your playlist link doesn’t work. It just took me to my top 100.

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Mine’s the same 5 or 6 artists.

This thread will be good. Need to branch out.

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Link doesn’t work for me? You copied it in right?

Does it work now?

This somewhat disturbed me

I think these links take you to your own top 100.

Maybe theres a way of making a playlist out of it and sharing that?

Edit: Jim’s works. Hmm.