Spotify Your Top Songs 2019

Anyone else had this email/notification through yet?

Post your top song along with a link so we can judge each others’ horrific music tastes.


I may have had a few psychedelic experiences in 2019

I’m pretty sophisticated.

Most listened track…

Jesus I thought my taste in music was bad.

on the old forum the music thread was nicknamed the ‘cunt soup thread’ for this very reason.


I’m not really a big user of Spotify but song of the year for me is…

Wonder what iTunes says (or if it can say it)?

Edit: It says I played…

EIGHT times. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

How do I see this? Don’t think mine has it.

Got the email, and I’ve listened to 36 songs this year. Don’t know how to find which one was my favourite, but iTunes (which I actually use) is saying it’s Fading Embers by Yamaneko off Spirals Heaven Wide (Unmastered MP3). No surprise there.

I have been listening to the Fall a lot since Mark e Smith died last year. This song has been my top one for the last two years running. It’s not a deep cut or anything really that interesting, but I like it a lot.

According to spotify, I’ve listened to these 10 songs the most this year: