Wondered why the Milan shop was getting it’s own box logo tee today.

I get that, but it just does look shit.
It doesn’t allow you to appreciate the spots a lot of the time and makes me feel incredibly seasick.

If I put the work in to try a trick and it was documented like that I’d be pretty disappointed. Then again, they know who they’re filming with and know what they’re getting.

I know I say this all the time, but imagine if a video like this was filmed by some one like Benny Maglinao, etc.

Dude, be honest. If you had a trick in a Supreme video you would not give a fuck if Micheal J Fox had filmed it with a spoon. None of us would.
I can guarantee nobody in that edit is disappointed too.



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Little Geggs went in.
Repping for the myopia crew.

Loved seeing the kids get their props.
Just imagine how fucking stoked they are.


Loved the Donald Byrd use, Ultravox too!


Who was the tall blonde guy who did the slide to drop before Kader’s section? And who was the black dude with the gold tooth? Liked both their tricks

Nik Stain and Caleb Barnett, if I’ve worked out who you’re referring to correctly.


Really dope. Thoroughly enjoyed that.

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This. This so much.

Also fuck me that Kader footage was amazing.


Just finished it.

Music was amazing and so was the skating.

Nick Stain and Kader are amazing.

Calebs nollie 180 switch K on the high rail was so good.


that was cool

kader kickflip off that gnarly roof and somehow still making it after the paving slab came out of the ground, especially after focusing the paving slab and slamming so hard on the go before

that dude near the start -imagine how vexed you would be after pushing full speed straight into a lamp post like that.

Dope to see new footage from Kader, Nik and Rowan! And to hear a brief Breakdown tune in a skate video. Nailing it as always, nice pace and feel to that vid throughout

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I’ve skated for over 15 years at least now and most skaters seem to dress pretty similar to each other throughout that whole time haha. Just watch an anti hero video or thrasher clip or something and everyone is rocking the same gear too surely


I mean, this is just it.

Point me to a brand video where this ain’t happening and I’ll eat my shat.


I personally find talking about some of the people/musicians/artists Supreme collab with more interesting than how many times someone had to wash their Dickies and with what fabric softener before they were wearable.


It can’t all be jazzy trousers and fire safety on here, sometimes we’ve got to talk about that mundane life stuff


so bored of strobeck and all this lot so won’t be watching soz


And that was exactly how I felt, solid assessment.