Strobeck for Supreme Milan.


No fucking around for Bill - straight in with the lingering close-ups of shirtless teenagers.


Just finished this and decided to note a few thoughts while watching:

  • How nuts must it be as a kid for the Supreme crew to turn up at your spot, give you a load of free gear and then point the camera at you.

  • The kid in the glasses is very good.

  • Ben Kadow still isn’t endearing himself to me skate wise or other. Chucking that bin around made him look like a bell.

  • Tyshawn is top tier at this point.

  • Caleb Barnett is rad, they should also switch him and Louie Lopez around on FA/Hockey.

  • Saw Casper and Kyron were over for the launch of the Milan store, surprised not to see them in the edit. COVID stop play?

  • I think Kader smokes weed now, not sure.

All in all I enjoyed it.

I started watching it but stopped once Kadow and his tantrum showed up.

I’ll try again after work as I’m sure there’s some great skateboarding in there

And this is why I don’t think I’ll bother pressing play. I’m so fucking over that filming style and the second hand cringe/embarrassment. All it does is make me rage.


Free jazz soundtrack for Ben Kadow’s timmy tantrum was rad.

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All I saw was a young man concerned that a smoldering bin could fully catch fire and hurt someone. He did the right thing in the situation and stopped a potential blazing inferno.

Aiden Mackey’s footage is boss.


Can’t recall Supreme ever doing anything London except for an insta clip years ago and a trick of Lucien in cherry I think? Paris & SF featured heavily in Blessed and they’ve done this whole Milan clip for the new store. Strange.

Shirtless teenager discussion done to death, we all knew what we were getting in to when we hit play.

All the skating and soundtrack was top notch. Whats the name of the kid with glasses?

I guess the London store opened before Cherry and the Fat Bill crew travelled globally? With this being in Europe I just half expected a clip though.

Yeah true, just was more something that occurred to me then promoted by your comment. Maybe not so strange

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Bill just tagged him on Instagram. Chicken Little (or something similar) is his handle. Had a look at his clips and some are better then the clips he has in this.

I’m hoping for some Supreme-branded litter picking tongs.


Must of forgot to pack this before travelling


Just got in from school - hyped to watch this

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Stop getting Bond wrong!

Must have


Fuck yes! That was sick.

Complaining about the filming/editing style is just a meme at this point. To me it’s akin to complaining that there’s vert in a Tony Hawk clip. It’s their aesthetic - whatevs.
Skating was amazing - loved all the kerb stuff in particular.

As with the zoom gripes, surprised to see people moaning about the bin footage - he’s clearly emptying it out as it’s on fire - a point backed up by the footage of the other bin on fire afterwards. Italians smoke like fuck and have an extremely lax attitude to safety.
Who knew?

Overall - made me want to go skate and I’m fat, old and lazy. Can’t ask for more than that.
Plus someone (I forget who) was wearing the same trousers as me - vindicated.


Opening montage of some sloppy flatland was a shit way of kicking this off.

The contrast used on the footage is horrific. Train station footage looked rancid.

Great use of Vienna. Was going to use Kunta Kinte Dub in an edit. Thanks a fucking lot Strobeck.

All the Milan kids have better stuff in this: RAT RATZ 5 - YouTube

It was alright. Not the best from these guys by any stretch.


Sorry Sir

Made me stoked how hyped that little kid in the green t-shirt was to land that front bigspin off the ledge at Milano Centrale. Good vid, loved it!