Starting off skateboarding

I’m just after some advice on the gear I’m using to skateboard. Someone told me to change shoes I wear. I’m thinking of changing wheels for smoother ride. I ride mainly on pavements but looking for smoother ground. Any suggestions?

What’s up with your shoes? If you’re happy with them or any of your equipment then it’s likely to be fine. Don’t change stuff just because someone else told you it’s “wrong”

A lot of us obsess over what we use but it’s a personal thing. You can ollie on any normalish setup

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What shoes are you wearing currently? As long as they’re skate shoes and not normal trainers you should be fine. Wheels come in different durometers, softer for cruising, harder for doing tricks, but it’s personal preference.

Yeah so skateboard wheels come in different degrees of ‘hardness’. By aiming to get softer wheels, it could help for a smoother ride? For instance when you’re checking out some product specs, keep an eye out for wheels that are 78a-87a durometer(which are perfect for street skateboards to go over cracks etc)
Although personally for a smoother ride I’d recommend that you get 88a-95a as their better for street skating.
Regarding shoes, its more of a personal preference tbh, I’ve just gone through trial and error to find the best ones for myself(janoskis).
Hope this helps!

Yeah this. You ‘can‘ skate in a pair of normal sports trainers but just like running shoes are design specifically for running, skate shoes are designed specifically for skateboarding, so will go some way to helping you with board feel/grip/foot protection.

Just get a cheapish pair of Vans/Etnies/Adidas and you should be sorted