Starting Skateboarding At 29

Hi all,

New to the forum and couldn’t find any specific ‘sticky’ threads regarding this topic. If there is one please send me the link and forgive my ignorance! :slight_smile:

I skateboarded a bit with terrible cheap skateboards as a kid and then rollerbladed (aggresive inline) for longer until I quit in my early teens. Roller blading is probably the devils talk here so sorry :joy:

For the last few years I’ve watched skateboard videos and had the urge to learn how to skateboard and as I’ve recently turned 29 I don’t want to wait too long until i’m too old.

The problem is I’ll be moving to New Zealand in about 4 or 5 months (time dependant on the COVID situation) so I don’t want to sink lots of money into my first board as it’s highly unlikely i’ll be able to bring it with me.

My main question is would the below be ok for me? I’m 5’11’', 84kg and have a size 11UK shoe.

I’m mainly interested in flat ground skateboarding for now and skateparks will probably be something in the distant future I can aim for.

And if the above isn’t suitable then does anyone have any good suggestions on brand, size, equipment etc.? Approx. £40ish seems reasonable if I have to get rid of the board or if I somehow give up in a months time :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the help and I’d appreciate any other advice you have.

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Just go for it, if you like it, buy a better one New Zealand!

Welcome to the club

You’re not going to have any fun on a kid’s stocking-filler toy. Spend more.


That board is way too small. Get something like an 8.25 instead of 7.75. Also in honesty £40 isn’t going to get you anything that isn’t a heap of shit but it will do you for a few months. Just don’t expect it to feel too good.

There’s a few 8.25s on there for a few quid more. Those Fracture setups aren’t the worst thing as far as cheap setups. Word of advice though every one I’ve seen has come with the wheels done up so tight that they don’t move, so make sure to check them and loosen them if needed

Fuck ‘Skate Hut’, that isn’t a real shop.

You should buy a skateboard from a shop that’s run by skateboarders. And this shop, run by skateboarders, has a 10% discount for forum members.


Thanks for the replies so far everyone.

I had a feeling you may say spend more so the following option was another one which crossed my mind but I may need to look more into how much it may cost to bring it with me overseas among the rest of my belongings. Do 2nd hand skateboards hold their value much if I was to resell?

8.25 size on this Enuff board.

Legacy also had this one for £45 but I’ve never heard of Speed Demons before?

That Enuff setup will do you fine. Wouldn’t trust that speed demons board to be any good. Nah it won’t hold it’s value, you could probably flog it for £20 if you could find a buyer.

I’d feel quite comfortable building my own board but I wouldn’t know which parts to buy. an 8.25" deck seems to necessary for me, but is there any specific on wheels, trucks, bearings and hardware etc? I’m i’m spending £60 to £70 I’m wondering if building my own deck would work out better for me.

Nah that would cost you more, the cheaper bits they use on those sorts of completes are harder to come by on their own.

To be honest with skateboards there’s basically three tiers. Ones that are rode by both professionals and any average skater (that’s gonna be around £120) cheap stuff that’s more akin to a toy masquerading as a skateboard (£40ish) and stuff in between those that isn’t great but is usable, especially if you’re new (£70-80). So if you really want to get into skating you might need to make a bit more of an investment otherwise you’re probably wasting your money.

Have you looked on Gumtree / Facebook marketplace? Might be some second hand setups although you’d need to post them on here to get advice


You could get a Death Skateboards deck for about £40, mini logo trucks for £30, mini logo wheels for about £20 and mini logo bearings for £10. That would be a quality first complete for £100. I’d recommend 8.25 and above for your first board.

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Best bet would be picking up a death/cliche complete for around £85.

Those cliche completes are really good value at £60 so unless you can pick one of them up you’re really in the bone category with regards to the skate hut stuff and the speed demons completes.

Decent for kids with with not too much weight, for a fully grown man it won’t cut the mustard.

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Skateboarding is one of those hobbies that it actually pays off in the end to spend a bit more on your first set up as it will make the process of learning and progressing much easier, as a good deck with decent pop and proper trucks will really aid you. And so you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

No need to spend £150 on your first set top, but £60-£80 will sort you out with something good enough.

Turbo II. Never did me any harm etc etc.

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Yeah let’s delete all posts with Route scum in them

Lots of different suggestions! :confounded: :joy:

Blacksheep was another one I saw today which I saw the following setup for approx £52.90

“Black Sheep 52mm White 100A Urethane Wheel set of Four
Pair of Enuff Covert Trucks 5.5”
8 x Enuff Abec 7 precision skateboard bearings
1 x Enuff Perforated quality Griptape and 8x 1" bolts
Tried and Tested quality from Black Sheep"

Not sure if Black Sheep are any good?

I’m also think I could go for a more cost effective deck, then when I move I can leave the deck and bring the undercarriage with me then buy a new deck.

I’ve checked the Legacy website and the completes you have listed all seem to be smaller sizes and not 8.25"

Not really.


Hahaha didn’t really expect that to happen. Good work :+1:t2: