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Could anyone please tell me what kind of sticker this is?


Show us the board then we can gauge the era which will narrow it down.
Can only think of gullwing with ng together but it’s not that as it’s earlier on in the word.

Thanks for the prompt reply, the board is circa 75-78

UK or US?

I can’t think of a brand from that era off the top of my head with those letters. Honestly, it could be anything, it could be a surf or BMX sticker, a car/racing sticker or even off a piece of fruit. looking at the design it could actually be some sort of racing brand of some sort.

There is an old school skateboards group on FB that would be much better asking. As this is a lot of members era. Honestly everyone and their dog were making skateboards back in the 70s.

Let us know if you find out what it is.

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Will do and thanks for replying :blush:

It’s definitely skateboard related cos I’ve had the board for nearly 40 years and got the stickers when I bought parts. Thanks

Cool, voodoo is right though, we’re kinda old on here but there are older groups of skaters on collector groups on facebook. try there. And yeah, i’d be intrigued to know what it was if you do find out.