Stoke On Trent Skaters

Hey there, anyone from stoke on here? looking for more spots to skate around stoke that arent parks

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I live in Newcastle but just skate Unit 1 with my kids now. I tend to be quite quiet and keep myself to myself when there like last night.

One local spot seems to be the space outside the Hilton / Spitfire museum but the whole place has anti-skateboarder measures in place which is wack as fuck. Although I live here and have done for many years I’m not a local so Scottish Ben is probably your best bet if you know him (which I don’t, I just say hello).

I wouldn’t mind trying the carparks around the new bit of Keele Uni campus but most of them are pretty much flatland and the amount of signage/security cameras make the campus feel really unwelcoming when I’m there for legit reasons so that means its probably a bust.

Useless? Yep.

ah yes, heard of Ben before. Thanks for the spot recommendation. not too far from the plaza so thats good.

Likely worth grabbing Si at Unit 1 on Ogden Road. He’s sound as fuck and I have a lot of respect for him and Jess for running the park.

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