Stone Roses Board

Hi there, anyone know where I can still get a alright condition stone roses graphic snowy Pro model landscape deck?

Happy to pay a decent price, as seen below:


A few listed on shops online but all out of stock…

It’s Snowy’s pro model from years and years ago. You can ask him on instagram (sorry, can’t remember his @) but I think best bet is doing a saved search on eBay to email you when one comes up. Never know, someone on here might know of one.

Best luck I’ve had with finding old boards like that is going deep on the google searches to overseas shops (though not sure how widely Landscape was carried outside UK)

Managed to get hold of some ~4 year old boards I wanted for the collection by going on some really small skate shops in small European towns that happen to have one left in stock

Remember this one?

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Haven’t seen that before, class!

Oooo yes - not seen that one in years.

Collecting English boards is not a rewarding past time.

It’s 99% likely your grail does not exist and if it does, it’s been mosher dropped into a weetabix.


The only Landscape boards I ever saw in Europe were the ones I skated, that I had bought in Slam.

They might have been distributed in Japan with Fos’ connections there, who knows?

I really want the Joe Gavin Liquid Swords (original red) board, I had one on the wall but skated it in desperate times.

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I know someone who’s got one. Not sure they’ll part with it though. I’ll be first inline anyway, haha.

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Only UK board I have in the stash is this Jensen Underground board, the OG one not the reissue!


I had Lucien’s first Palace board, signed by Lucien, on the wall for a while at the time. Sold it to forumer Krillmonger for £30 in desperate times, but I’m not sure it’d be worth a vast amount more now. Old Palace stuff doesn’t seem to go for mad loot, it’s all about the new stuff, it seems.

Like those lovely new Reeboks today. smashes refresh

Maybe because so few people are into that era of UK boards and they all know each other it isn’t as cutthroat.

Or maybe because 98% of people who buy Palace don’t skate.

Their time will come.