Stupid random thread: stuff you never need to buy

The window vac, I mean. Don’t know how anybody can live with having to actual wipe condensation off windows and mirrors. Just seems barbaric now.

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Ohhhhhh I heard about this! Someone mentioned it to me before, said it was a total gamechanger

Biros. Where do they come from?

Stationary cupboard at work.

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Anyone got a karcher jet washer? Best thing I’ve ever bought. Been jetwashing everything in sight. So satisfying seeing that grime disappear!

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Yeah, mine broke after first use and it got put away for years, then we needed one again and I begrudged buying another so I took it apart and somehow fixed it. Stoked on it!

Have you got the k4 with the full control vario-pressure lance?

Nah, just googled and it looks like it’s probably a slightly older version of the K3 maybe. It’s good but it’s not the all singing all dancing one.

I have a cable issue. Took them all out yesterday to chuck anything I didn’t need away.

I got rid of one phono cable out of probably 300 cables. They are now safely back in the loft.


You wouldn’t believe the amount of cables I have haha, so many random configs and 10m 8 way looms ha

I’ve got probably 30m left on a Cat 5 Ethernet box of cable…and terminating clips and plugs to turn that into as many ethernet cables as I like (up to 30m).

Prepped for the oncoming storm.

I cheaped out and bought a Halfords one.
They couldn’t have been more pushy for me to take the Karcher at some additional 80 quid.
I asked if they’d had any complaints about the Halfords one and they hadn’t so I figured that was safe enough to base my decision on.
It has been fine.

Can I borrow it? Seems like a lot of money for something you’d only use once a year and both my neighbours have symptoms now.

My karcher went weird and started pulsing when using it, had to eBay it as broken in the end. Had a hard life, cleaned multiple driveways/patios and stripped chemical paintstripper off the front of the ground floor of a house. Look back on our time together fondly, I will neva 4get u

GBNF anuvva angle in heavan

Don’t be so Obtuse!

If you haven’t already, get yourself a robot hoover. Total game changer, it gives you the gift of time as it does the hoovering while you’re doing something else. Most of the time, if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself standing over the thing putting your foot in its way to direct it one way or the other. Or just getting it to hoover a spill which you could have swept up faster. Still, massive ROI, even with a relatively cheap €200 Deebot.

Already on it mate, got an N79S. Needs new battery, on order from Aliexpress.

And it’s not a ‘Hoover’, it’s a vacuum cleaner. Much like people who say Tannoy when they mean “public address system”. Tannoy is a brand name.


Also having a robot vacuum cleaner (and a Henry, and a specialist Braun vacuum cleaner for parquet flooring) probably explains why I do have so many vacuum cleaner bags

Has anyone mentioned smelly candles yet? They seem to multiply in this house.

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