Stupidest thing you ever believed as a kid in skating

What’s the stupidest/weirdest thing you ever believed as a kid?

I used to go to Rom for the early 10am session on a weekend and was completely bewildered as to why there were never top UK pros there.

‘It’s 10am at Rom on a Saturday! Where’s Sean Goff and Pete Dossett?? Why aren’t they skating the vert here? Where are all the pros?’

I thought I would be pro by 21 . At 14 I was calculating my progress every week , I mean I put that much time into skating , why not? :joy:


Skating would be a fast track to losing my virginity once all the girls realised just how cool it (and people who did it) was

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my favourite thing was rumours about visiting pros doing gnarly shit in town

always used to look at this absolutely massive and honking double set with my mate, both stood there gawping at it cos we thought rowley had ollied it (he hadn’t)


Still a virgin, eh? One day mate.


100%. you learnt such and such a trick in a month, therefore in 24 months you’d have all the tricks and be sponsored


When they see my cruiser I’ll be neck deep
The 20’s will be MY decade


I presumed I’d just learn switch and nollie stuff in my 20’s. Still waiting.

My own hype


That all skaters were the coolest people on earth and we are all a big family. Kinda is but I had no idea that there would be absolute bellends and scummy cunts littering skateboarding.
This says more about my naivety and lack of understanding than the state of skateboarding.

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Genuinely, my crew loved your shit on Big Push, and Escape from Boredom. We believed your hype.


Oh stop it.

Can you two get a room


The Owen Wilson skit from yeah right got me a treat as a kid.

Probably like most people the dream of being sponsored

probably a load that will come back to me if I think hard enough but for now I remember buying my first setup from Argos and me and my mates were hyped because we thought it was an Alien Workshop board

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Rails would prevent the graphics from getting scratched.

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I remember on the bottom of my Vision DV8 soles it said ‘non marking out sole’ or something and I thought the sole would last literally forever

Acting and dressing like a pissdrunk was cool

I stand by my decision to rock yellow Airwalk NTSs though. Nothing wrong with them.

Rocker would turn up to the vert at the Orval up here if it’s any consolation?

Slicks, I was living in the future in the past. No rails, wax needed and the graphics lasted. Ha.

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