Supreme FW19

Wow, a lot of good shit this season. A fucking scrambler!

Smoke decks, puffy jackets. Gutted I can’t be in London for the dreaded Thursday drops

Some good jackets and sweaters. Keen for the Dead Prez and Kraftwerk related goods too.

Would absolutely take the Pyrex. I love Pyrex.


yeah the Pyrex, am all over that. And the table tennis bats.

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all over the pyrex.

overall good vibe.
the kraftwerk logo was an old one from 96 or 97 iirc
stoked on the lance conklin graphic too.

Beware: the print on the Pyrex jug will fade a bit every time it goes in the dishwasher, which is really annoying when you need exactly 275ml for your couscous and you have to squint to read it. Unless Supreme have invested in new dishwasher-safe inks for them. In which case they would be well worth the price tag for that reason alone.

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You kidding right?
How can you be taken in by normal household stuff just because a logo is added?
Weak as fuck!

:wink: :wink: :wink:

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Just let me live my life

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those burner phones as well. No idea why I want one but I want one. Maybe I can give to daughter when she’s old enough to not put it down the toilet.

Pretty sure I had that phone in 2007. Cost me £15. Still works to be fair

Let the cartjacked season begin!

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I don’t have a dishwasher.


In every single case I would prefer to have the non-Supreme branded version.


I can freepour couscous only ams and flow-bros need actual measurements.


You’re a fucking wildman. I won’t stray a millimetre from Ainsley’s detailed instructions.


Yousername: Chewy Canon
Hadenough: Felipe Gustavo

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God I get so bored of people comparing me to Felipe Gustavo

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Let’s send Prince Andrew one of those burner phones!


It’s just that your yo flips are the spit of his!

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