Supreme, 'Play Dead'

Just watched it. Never felt so H&M in my life.

Some good skating filmed terribly. Panebianco’s ledge trick was special.

A lot of black wheels and shove-it tailgrabs. My eyes don’t like me.

Walker’s angle of the spot was a better clip than the one of the trick


I’m not even going to hit play on this, I know I’ll hate every second of it. Fuck Fat Bill’s filming.

I saw a frame on Slap of the subway kickflip and I felt like throwing up.


That post was amazing.

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Don’t be such a prima donna! Filming wasn’t dreadful and the video has some very, very good skating in it. Worth one watch at least.

That said, the Sully kid got way too much screen time! He was not an especially inspiring opener. But the Seven, Troy, Kris B. montages we’re banging. As was the Nick Stain footage.

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Kris Brown.

Ah nice.

@Dent_Face is right @jwdharris16 heavy bangers.

Is the TJ trash can section set up outside the original Supreme store location on Lafayette? If so, classy touch.

I’ve gotta agree with those who have said it already….

The filming is awful imo. It’s getting worse and worse as the Supreme videos go on. Cherry is a classic and one of my faves but this one is barely watchable for me.

Same. I had a quick watch of the first 5 mins and everything I saw annoyed me and I knew it would only get worse.

That’s fine though, I’m at peace now with the fact Supreme isn’t for me.


Yeah I thought there would have been a few angles at least of a trick like that!

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I mean this is gold.

Officially live now

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Counter point: whilst bad, the filming was a little better than recent Strobeck efforts. There was none of that weird tilting that went on in the Berlin edit and there wasn’t a clip where I couldn’t make out the trick.

She was in the streets man, that shit is for real.

Seriously, it didn’t bother me that much. At least it’s a good change from zooms on spotty kids smoking weed I suppose.

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Oh god I forgot about that phase haha. Thank god that died!

It’s gonna be cool again in 20 years! Like shove-it tailgrabs and black wheels. 2042 is gonna be hot man.



It really was!

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They must’ve paid a lot for that Metallica song and it doesn’t work at all. The snappy EE3/Oyola editing this is not, shredding guitar solo to super long roll up/roll away of trick after trick is so so bad.

Also the Dipset song for TJ also hilariously on the nose, like a dad editing it or something.

Apart from the usual criticisms there was some really good skating and stoked to see Sage footage after all this time. As usual would only rewatch a version with the fat trimmed off

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