Supreme, 'Play Dead'

No intro needed.


I fell asleep in my desk chair watching it


Still going, that kickflip back t bigspin on the handrail that Kader did was fucking Penny esq.

Americans and fireworks I don’t understand it.

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That was really good. Tyshawn smashing it.

Loved the Ben K part. Nik Stain was great too. Sage wears track pants so beautifully.


It’s not for me this current Supreme stuff.

I absolutely loved Shrimp Blunt earlier in the year, have watched it repeatedly, listened to the sound track on Spotify. I’m 47 years old and I know that’s kind of tragic because it’s dumb and simple, but I’m just speaking my truth haha :joy:

Supreme content just bores me. It’s so contrived. Don’t get it.

Yeah Deftones don’t work in a skate part

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The Bin Man always delivers!

Loved Ben K. Big Billy Joel fan here.

Feel a bit sorry for Sage as Tyshawn has just totally nicked his USP

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Wow that was very good. Eye opening how popular the shuv rail grab seems to be though…

Shame that they somehow managed to fuck up Tyshawn’s subway kickflip, didn’t look all that big at all when clearly it is.

Don’t think that was Kader mate, not sure what the guy’s name was but it wasn’t Kader.

I think Ryan Sheckler noticed that too cos he posted his bench kickflip today.

My bad Kader was clip before, couldn’t see the guys face because it was just his shoes before the trick. Who is he?


Fat Bill problems.


Enjoyed that, soundtrack esp - Phyllis Dillion into Metallica

Was that the handrail at Brooklyn Banks, with all the leaves?

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Has it gone already?

Did Bill not get paid…?

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Glad I went the wetransfer route.

Check @walkerryan ‘s stories on Insta for a POV of the TJ treflip. Mental!


I liked Tyshawn’s bin section. Abit like Bryan Herman’s picnic table section in stay gold

That said, I skipped through, stayed for Tyshawn and have chose to watch walking dead over the rest of it, knowing the YT link will be taken down shortly.
In summary: not very engaging