I can’t say I’ve ever looked at a supreme list/page/catalogue but fuck me you boys can stick that name on literary anything and sell it.

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Innit man. Some of the collabs are so good. Did anyone ever get a Pyrex measuring jug?

It wasn’t released here! Otherwise would’ve been all over it.
Althoigh it turned out it was the small one, not the standard size your mum has.

Ah thats a shame.

I’ll be honest, I’m massively let down by someone using the phrase “your mum” and not using it as a setup for a joke.


“Nothing in your mums house is the standrad size…” sort of thing right?

“your mum doesn’t need a Pyrex she needs a mop and bucket for her WAP (wet ass pussy)”

Oh shit just noticed the season starts this Thursday. Usually it takes a bit to be available.

Unlike your mum.


SS21 free gift is something I’d genuinely been meaning to purchase anyway. Excellent.

Bubbles right?

Yeah. Tried to get one of these from B&M and all they had was some huge revolving mechanical contraption (which I bought, foolishly) , and the corner shop is a Tesco so it doesn’t have them either.

I got some puppy bubbles from b&m to entertain the dog a while back. He couldn’t give a shit and it left a sticky residue everywhere - proper nause up.

Ordered 11:03 on thursday. I just got confirmation for delivery on Wednesday.
So I’m kiteless till then?


The beach ball from a few years ago is still a family favorite - it’s my son Oscar’s “indoor football”

Turned up today!
Peace out bitches we going kite flying.


Now people can behold your box logo from far far away


Alright there treacle.

Croc leather? It’ll be a no from me, chief.

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