I’m all for people putting a unique aesthetic stamp on footage but that just felt like Bill discovered a new iMovie filter. Proper distracting from the amazing footage and just looked like someone forgot to plug a hdmi cable in properly

Would’ve been sicker if they had some Shanghai locals skating too rather than just shots of random Chinese pedestrians


fucking brilliant HH

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I actually love THPS disco mode

actually it WAS different. Maybe Bill is listening?

Some utter dogshit footage, filmed far too close, checking the scowls as usual but quite a few clips that got the trick framed alright, could see what’s going on.
Didn’t even mind the effect, bit cheesy but wasn’t mad either way.
How’s that for an unpredictable comment.

Special effects were a bit EDGLRD-y. Maybe Harmony has got Bill spooked.


Maybe it’s a (not so subtle) dig.

Straight to top of worst company names ever, knocking Jacuzzi off the top spot

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Hold on, So Harmony Korine has actually started a company called EDGLRD?
I have seen a couple of mentions on here but took no notice.
And what the hell is this?

Edit: promoting a film that looks like he wanted to cross predator,GTA, GWAR and Trash Humpers

it’s discussed here - SEAN PABLO On HIS RECENT MOVE TO EDGLRD  — Monster Children

Didn’t know Sean Pablo was still around to be honest. Cheers for the link.

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Vincent Touz skates for them too. If anyone reads 032c magazine the recent issue has a full 10 page feature about it

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Where do I know this shoe and this colourway from? Like a famous photo of someone wearing them bitd. It’s killing me.

Stevie in 1997, filming for FTC?


Ah good one.
But no, not that.

Lavar sporting a green pair.

And maybe here but the combo of resolution and no reading specs to hand mean I’m probably wrong.

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Really want as pair of these.

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