Survey on the link between skateboarding and graffiti/street art

Hi guys! I am looking to get some resposes for my university survey. It is on the connection between street art and skateboarding and the opinions of skateboarders. It will be completely anonymous and no information will be taken aside from your responses. You do have to be over the age of 18 to complete it. Any extra questions can be answered by me. Here is the link:

Some skaters are cheetahs, hunting and killing fresh spots as fast as they appear.
Some skaters are lions, building diy spots, they are the lords of the jungle.
When the best part of the kill has been devoured the street art hyenas swoop in, shredding the carcass, picking at the bones and making a mess, laughing and screeching with no thought for whoever else may need to eat.
Meanwhile the vultures watch from the trees, choosing their moment to come and sit in the middle of the mess and smoke crack


Done mate.

Really appreciate that thanks! :slight_smile: