Personally, this early 00s period of Euro skating with Puzzle videos, Kingpin and Lordz/early Cliché is the time I’m most sentimental about in skateboarding. I like how it sort of felt as if there was this sacred insiders-only kind of vibe, replete with no-push lines, flatground done well, and often immaculate trick selection done at gorgeous urban plazas. It was becoming increasingly difficult to relate to all the rail chomping madness over in the States at the time, so what people like William Phan and Flo were offering was such a welcomed change.

This video was rinsed by my friends and I to a ridiculous amount. I must have watched it over 200 times. Nice to gain a further insight into stories from that time in this article. Also, the article addresses the eventual demise of the brand which is something that had never really been explained before.


I still watch it more than any other video to this day and I think I’m about to again right now.

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Me and Powley went on a tour with 6 of the guys from Lordz and they were very good at skating but smoked way too much weed and were a bit too french.

Luy Pa and Frank Barratiero were very very safe though.

I always had the feeling in the US this video was largely ignored (or more likely, swept under the carpet) as there is some shockingly good skating in this, even to this day. William Phan’s mirrored line is just so so so good.

mirror no push lines are my dream

Don’t think I’ve ever seen it. Remember reading about it… Will watch later cheers

Absolute Belter of a video. Henning Braaten is insane on this, the kicker at stalin to land on the beat is one of my favourite moments. Tunes are pretty weak as music but served this vid fine.
I wonder what some of them are doing now? William Phan was rediculously stylish. In fact I watched an out take vid just the other day on YT, is this why you posted it?

Bought this by accident on DVD when I didn’t have a DVD player, so I had to go out and get one. Totally worth it, banging European plaza spots left right and centre, underground heroes killing it. Must give it a blast again tonight.

Digging this too -

Still my favourite video, amazing skating, spots and music.

William Phan’s part is still amazing to this day bs3flip and fs3flip on flat that long ago and so fucking good.

could watch shove it rewinds all day long (haymaker? or is that only switch?)

It’s too good and I loved the music.
Loved the music more when I learned that it was made to measure.

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Yeah that’s what I mean, It’s perfect for the vid and makes it a total package. However the tracks don’t stand up well to just listening if they were on an album from an artist. Of course, they could possibly be now because we have nostalgia of the video attached to them but if the video never existed, these would be disregarded as pretty simply made, weak sample hiphop.

One of my last posts in the old forum was me being stoked on finally figuring out the sample used to make the best track on that vid.
Only took 15 years to figure it out.
To me it’s the best track at least but feel free to disagree.

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Disagree. That soundtrack was amazing.

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