T.O.T.M - June

My feeble attempt :joy: didn’t know how to upload a video it was the wrong format so converted it to a gif. Excuse the Lucas inspired shorts, I was doing a tip run before this and filmed this before heading home



Fuck yes. You could tackle some 20 stairs like the 'Jah in them bad boys :sunglasses:


I thought I was gonna be a fucking hero by smashing out a quick ‘Two back truck grinds in one grind’ hammer like Frank’s. Last year I was doing feeble to hurricane on this curb pretty good and I thought I’d still be able to do it. Couldn’t even get near it without a lengthy boardslide in between and even then it took me aaaagggess to even sketch one. Dunno if it’s setup related or just cos I don’t have any muscle memory these days.

Also slammed on my arse cheek on the corner of the curb.

And it was windy.

And cold.

Only bright point was I’m starting to dial in frontside feebles a little bit, that’s a new one for me, so hopefully I’ll do a respectable one of them some time soon. I am doing something mad with my front foot toes but I think I can tame that and conquer the fs feebz.

Oh…also I’m wearing Polar jeans and Last Resorts which I believe is illegal at my age.


that kerb is perfect, also the curved quarter pipe!

Yeah the park’s actually quite shit but the curb is amazing. It’s all too close together.

Loved the slappy f/s feeb :ok_hand:t3: the lesser seen.

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Thanks, I wanna get a good one! That curb is uphill and it’s knackering to skate the whole thing but I know a good spot to go and try them on.

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That clip was rad mate! It made me want to skate.

I used to dress like a kid. I still do, but I used to, too.


My bad, completely overslept on this thread,

But loved watching these, your up @jimo


Ok. Sunny tomorrow I’ll try and get something :grin:

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Switch laserflip

Yeah maybe. Keep it simple you reckon?


Oh fuck I completely forgot this. Sorry @Garlicnaan

Wanted to film a Howard grind for this but I managed to sprain my foot and hurt my back which means I haven’t skated in 3 weeks or something. :cry:

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Wanted a transition 5-0 for this but I’ve been off for about a month now. Local park started shutting at 5:30pm at the weekends as it was basically only my daughter any myself in there from 7-9pm on sat nights. Then my daughter is going through a weird phase and she’s only been a couple of times for ladies night. And I’m exhausted during the week.

I slipped and fell on the kitchen tiles 3 weeks ago , basically sliced the end of my elbow where the bone is. If anything touches it it’s the most painful thing ever. Starting to think I’ve chipped or damaged the bone as I went down harder than any skating slam I’ve had in 25 years. Felt sick for a while afterwards. Elbow pad would likely be agony if I put one on :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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