T Puds Bigger Bang Part

Haven’t watched this yet but thought it’s worth a thread as it’s T Puds.

Not sure why you have to go to another website through Thrasher, weird.

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Back T flip out at 55secs is fucking mental if you’ve skated that spot.

Edit: Wow that was fucked, I don’t know why but for some reason was expecting that to be a bit of a wind down part but that was crazy. In my opinion the only illegal bit was wearing a Barca shirt and a Real Madrid shirt in the same part. It’s one or the other Torey.

Love a bit of T-Puds ledge dancing. I know that was filmed over quite a long time (tell by the shoes) but that was fucking sick.


When that flip backlip to front lip flip out cut to black I thought ‘oh God please don’t be the ender’ as it was 10000% stinking

Flip back nose was sickest thing in there I think

Will 100% definitely not bother watching again :+1:


Shoot the editor. some mad footage in there, though.
Nollie flip backtail was insane.

:raised_hands: That style! :raised_hands: Ageing like warm milk!

Weezy guest trick was awful and underlines why roll on grinds should be binned. Pudwill has a similar style to Jeff Dechesare just with more pop. A lot of honking tricks. Hosting the video on another site is a cynical ploy to get you to a website to buy a shit celebratory deck.

With all that being said, I really enjoyed it.

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Made it until the front lip tre out and that was the nail in the coffin. Awful manoeuvre.

Style, outfits and trick selection are so off.

Not for me this one.

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I love a bit of flappy inflatable waving arm man.

Positive vibes as always :joy_cat:

Is having a hat on at all times a contractual obligation for Thank You?
Is there anyone on the team who risks showing the top of their head?

I like T Pud’s skating much more in theory than in practise. I can’t knock the tricks, I just don’t enjoy watching them happen.

Backtail was mad though

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Flip front 5050 with the Muska props was cool as well

I really enjoyed that. Get the impression he’s a skate rat and just loves it. His style might not be the best but it’s unaffected. Yeah kickflip back noseblunt was sick, he’s got loads of pop. I enjoyed the back lip with the nose dipped into the pool, the second camera shot looked cool. Wes Kramer guest tricks were sick.

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The Chris Cole Syndrome

Also the video hosted on some weird CDN just meant it got overloaded and it just paused and paused and skipped through the whole thing which was annoying and infuriating

Just stick it in YouTube and be done with it

stoked on this

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I would have left my board in the fountain if it had a Red Bull sticker.


I feel like it had blown it’s load with the first Elvis song and the rest was a begrudging after sex hug, when you just want to get on with your day.

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I bet you did!

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I really think there could be a banging 4 min part here…
He should have done that and put the rest out as part of a raw clips thing. Or just stuck bits from leftovers on insta through the year.

I feel like a lot of people like Torey do this. He could/should be coming across as a legend and blowing people away as he still has it and can put out something very heavy…but just ends up turning people off by expecting people to wank over every trick he has done sice he decided he was going to film his solo part for his own solo website.

Such a waste…

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Couldn’t get through it, ugly.

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