Talk and Q&A: Brutalism, Broadmarsh and the Banks, 10th March

I’m giving a talk about the history of Broadmarsh Banks in Nottingham on Tuesday if anyone is from around these parts and is interested. I’ll be discussing brutalist architecture generally, the ethos behind it and why it makes for good skate spots. I’ll also be exploring a bit of local history, with a few insights into why Broadmarsh was built and why the banks were put there in the first place. The talk looks to add to the wider discussion around skating and heritage (think the LLSB campaign), and also council-approved, designated skate spots (think the newish Hull spot and the Transport Museum in Glasgow).

If any of that sounds like your thing, the talk’s happening at Backlit Gallery in Sneinton, Nottingham between 6-7pm on 10th March.


You lot have been killing it in Notts. The amount of community level stuff you have been putting on is inspirational. Crews should be organising like this in every city!


No thanks we’ve had enough of experts.


Broadmarsh is probably my favourite spot of all time. Watching Alex Moul kill the little hip in 540 as one of my first skate videos and then a year or so later skating it and realising it’s impossible to do what he did, although by that time wheels were totally different. I still tried to emulate that, learning to do his tricks on them. Few years later watching the locals float over them gracefully while I scrabbled around with tech flips still. Fucking love that place.

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That’s awesome man!

I am one of those!


I would also watch / listen to this. Love a bit of brutalism.

Talk sounds really good. Can’t beat a nice bit of Brutalism.

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I’m also definitely up for a recording…

I grew up skating those banks (and the old market square) but have no idea why they were there or what for.

Pretty sure Rod Hull and Emu rocked up there at some point…

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My neck of the woods as a yoot.

Sick! Hope you don’t mind us using it again? Need to get someone to credit the photo on the poster.

Be rad to see people there. It’ll be well nerdy.