Talking peak Stevie and contemporary painting with Nick Jensen

Evening all,

Apologies for self-props.
Did a little interview with Jensen about his favourite video parts and favourite contemporary painters.
Go have a look if you’re keen.


Powerful video part selections them

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Great read

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I’m looking at that art an it just looks like a load of total and utter shite. I know nothing about art by the way. Nothing.

Cheers HH

Ha ha

Loved the interview. Like the premise says, I feel like we’re missing interviews that actually inspire you to go check something out or discover something new. Looking forward to hear what other people have to say.
I did discover a new band (Nürnberg) from watching that Pizza video last night though. Been a long time since I heard a track and then gone to listen to the band like that. Maybe everything is just becoming a bit more bland and uninteresting these days?

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“Without skateboarding I’d very probably never had heard of Minor Threat, or Del tha Funkee Homosapien, nor would I have picked up books by Charles Bukowski or Noam Chomsky that I saw referenced in interviews and on skate videos.”


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What do you expect to feel or see when you view art? Maybe that’s a question to ask yourself then you can work our what you like from there? As all those paintings are very different. Painting isn’t my forte when it comes to talking about art but I know what I like when it comes to it most of the time, although his selections weren’t really my thing, there’s aspects from each individual that I think are relevant or cool to take from.

It’s obviously art that he is influenced by, which is mostly very similar to the art he makes himself. Fair enough.

I’m not into wishy washy pastel art either but some people are.

Sorry. I was just being provocative when I was taking my morning dump. :smiley: