Tampa Am Live

Started watching this but so dull.

Highlights ftw

Ha yeah. Regretful post.
If you are in for an early night, whack this on and you’ll be asleep in no time.

Best trick should be more exciting

Didn’t mean to come across so negative, I really should make time for it or at least just stick it on the TV and leave it on in the background

It’s on, should be better today :muscle:t3:

Anyone watch the concrete jam last night? I Missed it

Finals , levels are ridiculous

Will set aside 15 seconds tomorrow to catch the highlights.

Japanese lad on now is nuts.
Keyaki Ike

A heelflip guy won.

Jorge Simoes’s first run was brilliant.

I’ve never been more bored by skateboarding.

Little taste of the Olympics for everybody.

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jake wooten’s insta footage was sick, had a really really really grim slam though

Yeah, I’m usually really into watching Tampa Am (and Tampa Pro) but that was really boring. The only person I envy watching was Jorge Simoes.

Did any of you watch the Independent Best Trick jam? Remember that guy with earpods that was trying a fucking hardflip to fakie on the bank? I almost felt pity for him.