Tampa Pro 2020

You hear Cephas destroy him on the Bunt? Apparently he’s just a dick.

Manchild just is, can’t really fault the energy. Gutted on GT


Timmy Knuth looks like Neil Chester

LOL at the live feed comments being absolutely full of BOTS.

Knuth looks about twenty years older than his actual age

Robert Neal is so fucking sick but belongs in our current trick of the week thread


Look at everyone on the platform not looking at manchild

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Unfunny shit cunt.

Cephas was right.


What. The. Fuck. I take it back, manchild is fucked

“and that’s gonna be time for whatever the hell this is” genuine lol

Neil Blender - critique contest by spray painting the course.


Billy Rohan skating for Palace?

Get in


Look at me - I’m drinking a beer. Fuck the man.


I wish I could be arsed to create a throwaway account and flood the comments with “Somebody punch that cunt”

Some of the mid run tricks are so sick

LOL LOL LOL at Tampa’s edifice collapsing

Evan smith nosegrind thing was mental

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Bannerot decent

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This dude actually skates for MJ’s company LOL