Tampa Pro 2020

It’s that time! Tampa Pro kicking off live at 6pm UK

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Can’t wait for Koston’s run. It will undoubtedly be hilarious!

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no lie, i wanna see andy anderson and see what madness he does. someone already posted some crazy fucking thing he did on insta that i cannot find anymore

Tom Knox 30 trick line please

i saw he was there. it’d be sick to catch his runs

Before it goes https://instagram.com/stories/transworldskate/2254066786747464743?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=1vz3pgi799zgs

Looks like a rad line up of skaters this year . Can’t wait

Ron Allen is entering at 57 from what I’ve seen on face ache


Knox first run was good! He looked real happy. Bigup UK

Yoto horigome is so great.
Big up Japan.

Andy Anderson up next.

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Cbd everything cbd

Is Tim O’C on the mic with Zitzer?

Some big lad and Andrew cannon I think.

Still an ever present and still sick (Ron Allen). Andy was jokes, slow ass perfect five-0

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Holy shit heat 4 is going to go off. Return of Grant!

Pretty boring so far.
Hoping this heat is less shite

Daniel Viera - stinking.
Grant Taylor not skating.
Unlucky Tampa

AA was entertaining

It’s qualifiers, not exactly going to be pure fire

Yeah it’s Matt Price - photog dude.

What? Got a drink, did I miss something? No grant?

Manchild seems like a bellend.

Yeah they just announced no GT