Tampa Pro 2021

Yay it’s that time of year again

Tampa Pro qualifiers start today 16:45
Finals tomorrow 16:45

You can watch it live on the Skatepark of Tampa YouTube channel


Have they got a section for influences?

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scientology-only comp is after the veterans.

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Fucking cariuma shoes aplenty

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@Spanky you’ve judged contests before. Do you mark people down if they’ve had a run with no falls but the pick their board up on a quarter so they can set it down somewhere else instead of doing a trick?

That shit is wack

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Nah I don’t judge, just commentate.

But popping out of a quarter just to drop in should be marked down in my opinion. If you are a professional skateboarder then surely a bs tail or a pivot isn’t stretching you too much


Likewise flatground reverts in any line on video. Do a half-Cab kickflip, you mugs.


For some reason I thought you judged stuff too. My bad

Seems to be some of the rail skaters doing it more. Drop in, rail trick, pick up board. Repeat

Cariuma are sponsoring this year’s contest?! It was Nike a couple of years ago.

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Are they actually sponsoring the contest or just a bunch of riders?

Their logos are all over the course, alongside the Monster ones, which usually means they’re sponsoring it. Have any ads for them come up during the webcast?

Edit: they are sponsoring it. Must have needed the money.

Dunno man I wander off when the adverts come on

Stupid cariuma

That Eli Williams run was dope.

With, I’m assuming the exception to the rule being Guy’s turnaround in Mouse - LA High bankle nose slide to fakie, then sw back tail, then a carving flatground kickturn to (also generally illegal) push/stance switch then a sw pop shove tailside.


That Japanese kid was very, very good!

Yeah, that thing Guy there does is different. There’s a GIF of it somewhere.


Markovich involved?



Ah, the Markovich face doodle. The only thing that he’s created that’s lasted more than five minutes.


He’s been drawing that same face for years now and it’s the same face every generic stoner wannabe artist draws.


Some really badly dressed people on this.

Edit: Seems fine now. Just a few stinkers in a row.