Tanner Van Vark Pro Part


Not actually watched this yet but going off Reals Instagram post i think it will be sick.

Amazing part, he always has some real interesting trick ideas. Although the line at 4:55 I think he might have shat himself

He does a sick “fakie hurricane” in this for those of you who are still confused!


Well this is absolutely ridiculous.

HUF line at the start, amazing clips from everyone else.

You remember the “bankle” spot (DIY lips) we called them bankle, small bank, cankle whatever. But they got a rinsing in Mindfield, like good solid simple tricks. He just did a fully legit SW BS NoseBlunt slide in switch on it. Fuck.

Wallride FS Blunt clipper is insane, the angle where you seem he properly fucking smack it off the wall into the Blunt. I’ll remember some more later.

Also what’s up with this filter on every fucking video at the moment. It’s very annoying.

Fakie Hurricane was dope.

Also I usually hate no name vids, but Real vids are full of fucking rippers everyone knows.

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lol. thats just super 8.

the difference between super8 in a HD world is that you can now overscan (hence the holes) and crop as you see fit…but for some reason, in skate…people leave the holes in.

I have no issue with it.


PS. Part was fucking mental. Nice to see Hermann back on board, too.

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Okey Pokie. Wasn’t sure if it was some filter or people bothered with Super 8 anymore. It just looks V weird to me in HD.

Can I just confirm that the chap towards the beginning with the walking stick who has two or three tricks is indeed blind?


damn. knew this guy was good but this was fucking ridiculous throughout

jack olson’s trick at 3.20 is sick also

yeah, it’s dan mancina !

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That’s all Bingo.
First person I ever heard say bankle

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Must have nabbed it off you or steve75. Mischief was such a dope shop found the videos Ry sent me the other day, I think it was soon after he passed. Need a rewatch.

Dunno why I felt like I had to explain it!

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That was some serious matrix shit going on there.


Splendid. Such a solid going pro part. Dude’s been killing it for years and fully deserves his name on a board. He always has interesting trick ideas, as @wayout said. Quite the ATV too.
Gonna watch this again for sure. So much good shit in it. The lipslide 270 out on the curved ledge stood out. So did the bluntslide to backside nosebluntslide on the flat rails.

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That was so good, loved this trick.
Tanner_Van_Varks_“TVV”_Part_for_REAL 2

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Real are just too much. that intro with clips from everyone was insane. if the video had ended after that i’d still have been stoked. rarely see much from Jack Olson but everytime it’s like “oh fuck that guy does crazy tech stuff so clean”

I think Real has the best team at the moment, closely followed by Deathwish and Primitive. Loved this part, I hope we get a Real full length this year.