Poor guy.

‘I love rugby’?

Lines on his eyelids are so thick too, it’s going to look like he’s wearing mascara. Which is fine.

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I wish he’d just fade into obscurity so I don’t have to look at him every time he reappears.

What the fuck is that thing on his forehead supposed to be?

And what is the point of getting new teeth if you’re gonna get face tats and look like a piece of shit anyway?

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Oh I see, he’s invited to all the VIP parties in Nor Cal with those new flashy teeth and can get really good coke there?

As they say in the land of the free… Kook.


One saving grace with that just being a photo is at least we can’t hear his voice.


Bravo :clap::clap::clap:

Saw that, so next level!

Can anyone recommend any good books about contemporary tattooing?

I like tattoos, have some, plan to get more but I don’t really know much about the world of modern tattooing other than from the artists I follow on insta. Would be keen to learn a bit more

What kind of style are you into?

Forever: The New Tattoo
Forever More: The New Tattoo
Tattooism (technically a magazine but they’re basically books)

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I don’t know what a proper term would be, but I guess minimal, modern blackwork. Thin lines, no big solid areas etc. I like these artists, have some stuff by a couple of them:

Ah thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check these out

I really like that last one.

This guy did one on my forearm

This legend did the skull in my forum avatar -

Edit - I forget how we paste insta links properly

Tattooism as @LAB99 suggested indeed.

These aren’t what you were looking for but they’re pretty rad: Shop | Russian Criminal Tattoo Archive | FUEL

Mr Preston is the man, his full torso compositions are pretty ill.

I’d love to get something by him some day.

Sang Bleu in London (and Zürich) have good artists and guest artists. Antoine Larrey is a resident there and his work is dope.
I love this tee:

Not what you’re looking for either but Javier Garcia deserves a mention, his stuff is pretty crazy:

Mab Matière Noire rules too. I love her tigers and babes:

Skrzyniarz experiments with black work, dot work and does pretty rad, innovative stuff:

I could go on and on and on…

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Not into tattoos personally but I have a friend who does some pretty cool work in the same vein as the stuff you just posted Franc.

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