Didn’t we have a tatts thread on the old forum?

Just saw this and thought it was cool. Not that well done, but cool

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Looks more like biro. That’s gonna fade so hard and bet it hurt like a sonofabitch. Still cool tho

Couldn’t imagine anything worse than a palm tattoo. That skins so thin

Any of you ever been to the tattoo convention? One in London is usually September and is apparently one of the best worldwide. I want to go but would blatantly end up spending way too much


Reminds me when we saw this jacked skinhead on the beach in LA with a massive Eagle and Swasy on his back. Just stood with his arms crossEd glaring at everyone and anyone while his kid played in the sand. Proper American History X vibes. Just Horrible

I sort of feel like getting a swastika tattoo should be considered a hate crime and actually be punishable. Proper asshole move and speaks a lot to the mentality of the person. Free speech and free will is great and all but we should be actively removing people like this from society (cue “who gets to decide” etc etc)

And to think that these cunts think they are the pinnacle of the human model. Check the state.

At least with the tattoo you know he’s a racist.

It’s odd ennit, can go to jail for hate speech but can get it permanently put on your skin for the world to see with as far as I know, no prison time

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The family members in confederate bikinis really top it off. Traitors to the US but blatantly consider themselves more American than most

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