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hahaha to both @Jurwell and @KeithBeef

Cmon Alcarez, beat this prick

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Yeaaaa get in

He better fix that post. What a twat. Delighted.

Such a fucking baby. He got a warning at least

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I’m no tennis connoisseur but the quality of that seemed off the charts. They were nailing every shot to the limit.

His cheeky drops were such an overpowered special move too. Loved them.


Best final since ‘08.

What happened? I slept through it

Good match. Alcarez had answers to all of Novac’s power play and Nova couldn’t handle his serve

Fifth set Alcarez broke his serve and Nova had a bitch fit and smashed his racket off the net post

Forgot I had £’s riding on Alcatraz to win Wimbledon. I know nothing about tennis and was illustrating a point to my Dad about how easy it is to gamble on sport with phone apps. Stoked!


Coco Gauff just won her first Grand Slam. She’s only 19, feels like she’s been playing forever.

The women’s game is good for the variety of winners in recent times, I’m fairly sure there’s been a different champion at Wimbledon for the last 5 years I think it is.

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I just caught the last set, was really good. A lot of pressure in those last couple of games to break and she smashed it.

Correct, so many different winners, and Serena won it 7 times.

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As much as I think we’ve been lucky to witness three greats in the men’s game over the last decade or longer even all vying to be the ‘GOAT’, it’s also nice to see some real variety as opposed to yet another clash of the titans.