The 2022 Quartersnacks Readers Poll

It’s that time of year again. Snackman just set the Readers Poll live for the year.

Vote, post your picks below and I’m sure it’ll generate some fun chat. (This playlist is a handy refresher of what’s come out:

My choices:

Video Parts:

  1. Diego Todd – Hockey: ‘Hockey X’
  2. Spanky – ACE: “Lucky Shirt”
  3. Gilbert Crockett – Quasi: “Denim Car”
  4. Louie Lopez – Converse: ‘As You Wish’
  5. Nelly Morville – Limosine: ‘Paymaster’

Full-Length Videos

  1. Limosine: ‘Paymaster’
  2. Hockey: ‘Hockey X’
  3. Welcome Skate Store: ‘WELCOME 2: HELL’
  4. Bust Crew: ‘Body Filler’
  5. DC & Bronze: ‘What If God Said?’

I’m expecting all forumers to pool together, spread the word far and wide and make sure @sk8arrog8 makes it into the top 25 for full-lengths.

Update: results are live.

Previous years…

(2019 was the first the year and it was done for the preceding decade.)

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I never end up completing these. I get so overwhelmed when trying to think who put out what and which parts/videos I liked the best.

Might just put Wade for every answer.


This came out in 2021.

Good choices otherwise!

As did Paymaster and Body Filler. We start the year from the day the previous poll ends (usually around this time in December) which is why John’s Vid came in 2nd place last year even though it came out at the end of 2020. There’s been a few videos like that since it started.

*edit: @Dent_Face, thought I’d replied there.

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T-Funk - Baker 420
Simon Isaksson - The Sour Solution III
Heitor - Vice Versa Love
Nyjah - Need That
Fred Gall - Spiritual Healing

WKND - Alan Gelfand High
Tim Savage - Brian, Brandon & Will
GX - Right Here for Pablo
Polar - Sounds Like You Guys Are Crushing It
James Cruickshank - SENSIBLES

Honestly, a bit of a weak year for full lengths IMO. Also hate having to put Nyjah in this, but he has created a really, really good section.


Need a list of all vids and parts released tbh

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I only REALLY enjoyed Shrimp Blunt this year, nothing else came close.

I haven’t seen this and everyone rates it, so going in.

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In the interest of balance, I’d just like to say that I hated that Shrimp Blunt video :joy:


20mins not hugely feeling it.

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Fair. Picking videos that were fairly integral to various skaters’ SOTY pushes from last year feels a bit odd though.

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Oof. How can you hate it? It’s a masterpiece!

20 minutes in is Dustin Dollin skating to Kraftwerk what more do you want? It even mixes to Koopsta Knicca afterwards I think. I love it haha!

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I got distracted by football. It’s paused on 18min something. I think it’s the music.

If you don’t like it that far in it’s not gonna be for you! I’m just enjoying watching it for the thirtieth time


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Shrimp Blunt was goofy as fuck and I liked it for that, but I couldn’t tell you anything about it except for the shrimp coming in from the side of the screen and shouting stuff. High tech.

YouTube playlist in the initial post…

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Haha naaaaaaaahhhhhhhh that shit doesn’t make the top 1000 :joy:

Much love though xxx

Results are in. I wrote about Gilbert and David Lynch.

Always stoked to see forum alum Claire Alleaume in the mix on these too.

Quite surprised at the ranking this year, not because I didn’t see it going that way but because I had no idea who might make it where in comparison to previous years.

(Gonna add this to the original post too.)