The Board at Home Thread

Please post tips for books, podcasts, video games, movies, TV series, board games or whatever you’re doing to pass the time whilst at home.

I watched the new Marky Mark film Spenser Confidential last night on Netflix and it passed the time very well.


Been watching The Shield again, nostalgic to my summers I had to spend in LA as a teenager.

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That was one of the most Mark Wahlbergie films I’ve ever seen. You knew who the baddie was from the first moment, you knew he was going to get back with his Mrs and he would become best buddies with Hawk.
Saying that, I still enjoyed it.

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…and that ending, i’m guessing this is going to be an ongoing series.

Started Kingdom on Netflix , so far so good and really into it.
But i said that about the Stranger and on reflection that was just a complete waste of time.

I’m still trying to jump over 2 bridges on Skate 3. If anyone else wants to try this challenge it’s this.



Got a new TV coming tonight. Ours got smacked to shit well over 3 years ago so there was a big area of fucked pixels. We got used to it but we finally decided to fuck Sky off because it’s the worst shit so now we’re getting an upgrade. Just intime for the zombie apocolypse.

Anybody who hasn’t seen The Century of the Self by Adam Curtis could do worse than invest this time in it.

I turned on my xbox for the first time in a looong time and had a go on skate 3. The kids wanted to play sonic on this classic sega game disc.

Sonic team racing is fun on the xbox.

Warzone is shit so il give this a bash later

You need to watch a video of someone else doing it to see how you get the speed, but loads of people go off the left ramp and land on grass which is shit. I’m trying to go over the right side and land into the big steep bank on the other side.


New Westworld season starting…

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I have a job and 2yr old working from home so zero spare time :frowning:


Yep, with the 7 YO here.

Client work has completely evaporated, so I’ve got time to work on some personal graphics projects, posters, potential skatepark designs and a website for a skatepark in the works in Dublin. Then there’s the usual balcony gardening, bike upgrades and DIY crap, which is fine to do when I know I’ve to go to work or go out skating or something, but with all this time, it’s harder to get anything done.

Just bought 7 Habits of Highly Effective People the other day, so gotta get through that in the hopes it will help.

Just a reminder everyone that with the time you save commuting you should invest it something that you want to learn. Or even better, go skate. It’s so easy to waste.

I’m going to try learning some JavaScript


Ugh :face_vomiting:

I’m going to be putting the money saved towards home improvements but the time I will use to go cycling, which I hope is socially acceptable.

I’ve been learning guitar with a bit more purpose.
Been able to piss about with them for over 30 yrs with my Dad always having them in the house since I was a kid but never took the time to learn properly.
In the last couple of years I’ve even bought and refurbished a couple.
Realised that some stuff is actually really simple to play although I’ve never before fancied just copying other people’s music which is why I avoided tabs etc.
Discovering that nicking chords from tunes I like could have been something I was doing years ago.
Picked up a 2nd hand Epiphone Les Paul Studio recently for not very much and it is great.
It’s not one of the shitty Les Paul’s that Epiphone put out but a pretty good one.
My others are stats and acoustic.
That is one learning indulgence for myself which my son is enjoying too.
On the other hand I’ve opted to learn Kali Linux with a view to doing my CEH as a goal for next year at work. Should keep me busy.


Things sure done changed. I talked about backtrack linux once in a job interview (I’d use it for genuine security testing) and they thought I was a script kiddy


totally going surfing every morning. It’s acceptable as I practice social distancing by hating everyone in the water as surfers are kooks and also it’s cleansing at the same time. apart from when I’m pissing myself.