The Book Thread

Just seen Toddy’s new book of poetry reviewed in the Grauniad weekend magazine. Would like to check this out.

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I’m really enjoying two female crime writers: Tana French with her Dublin Murder Squad series, and Gillian Flynn, with Gone Girl, Sharp Objects and Dark Places. They both write beautifully and the stories are dark and gripping.

I’ve totally lost the reading vibe. Can’t concentrate. it’s pretty crap… I’ve got John Cooper Clarke’s autobiography which should be interesting and really easy (like all biogs) but can’t get into it.

Still got 2/3 of Jerusalem by Alan Moore to get through as well

I struggle with it quite often. I’ll be reading and a whole page goes by before I realise that while some bit of my brain has been reading the words I’ve been thinking about something else completely and have no idea what I just read.

I get times when it’s slow. A lot of it comes down to whether I get hooked by a book. As I say, Gillian Flynn is my current reading and I can’t get enough. I’m a big fan of well written page-turners - Stephen King, Lee Child and so on. People look down on thriller writers as being somehow less skilful or lower quality than literary writers, but I don’t see it that way. I think there’s an enormous amount of skill in writing stories that millions want to read, and not many writers have it. I only wish I had that skill.

I’m currently a big fan of reading for about 5-10 minutes in bed before getting woken up by a kindle falling on my head.


I quite like a page turning easy thriller too. Gone Girl was great.

Once picked an erotic thriller up at the airport by mistake, was in with the regular thrillers. I remember lying on a beach in Israel thinking this sex club bits been going on for about 20 pages now, was definitely seduced by it and feeling randy, Hahahaha, googled it and saw It was erotic literature. Still finished it. 10/10

If you liked Gone Girl you’ll enjoy Sharp Objects. I’ve just started Dark Places. A woman whose life went to pieces after she survived a family massacre as a child is desperate for money and takes up the offer of $700 to speak at a conference for murder geeks and roleplayers….

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If we’re talking slightly pulpy stuff The Long Firm by Jake Arnott is one of my all time faves

If you’re looking for an easy, fun and fast to get through crime/mystery type of deal, I can’t recommend the Fletch novels by Gregory McDonald highly enough. I recently dug out my complete set, (including the Flynn spin-offs) and zipped through them in no time. It was a welcome respite from some of the Japanese novels and non fiction I’ve been deep in to for the past couple of months. They’re so well written and addictive that I had to limit myself to a certain number of chapters per sitting to stop myself from rinsing them too quickly.

Reading The Nineties by Chuck Klosterman after it got mentioned on Mostly Skateboarding a while back. Not bad.

Just finished Count of Monte Cristo, promised myself no massive books a while back but this was bigged up on here by jamjar and I’ve seen other booksters saying it’s def worth reading so I gave it a shot.
WOAH, what a ride. So fucking amazing. Yeah you get a bit confused by all the french names and who is who but in a way that adds to the ride, you’re as clueless as everyone else. Loved it.


So glad you liked it!

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