The Computer/Software/Marketing Help Thread

Can anyone signpost to good resources for getting started with SEO, ads or any other things that might be helpful for growing a small business (selling hand-made jewellery if that context helps) please?

Have had a scan through this thread but most of it’s a bit opaque, specialist or generally above my pay grade!

I’m not a complete numpty when it comes to the digital side of things, but this stuff is outside my experience and knowledge.

The business in question is small but doing ok. It has a decent Instagram presence and following through which we sell a decent amount online via its squarespace site.

Looking for a guide for dummies basically. Seems like some of you do this kind of thing for a living maybe.

Happy to provide any further info or context/answer questions etc if it’s helpful.

Bit of a case of ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’ so not sure what questions to ask to get started.


Without knowing anything about that niche I would imagine trying to compete even locally for jewellers is probably quite solid.

My surface and immediate suggestion would probably to go with Facebook ads because that would probably be the emost immediate and effective way of advertising that business.

For my ads my company spends 10k a month on paid ads but mainly in bing and Google now. Facebook has become a write off for me but Facebook ads showing off handmade jewellery could probably get traction. I used to get thousands of leads through Facebook but the competition has totally fucked it for me there.

My initial suggestion would be to go with an email gen campaign (maybe a competition or something?) and use mailchimp to send out newsletters to start off building a bit of brand awareness after you start building up your list.

I use a website called unbounce to build out my landing pages. It costs 75 quid a month but will be so much better than funneling paid traffic to your website because you can drag and drop things exactly how you need them.

I can pm you (or anyone) keen on seeing my landing pages. It won’t be applicable to your business because of the way we work but should give you an idea of what’s possible.

SEO…hmm…tricky to really measure any success and will take a huge amount of work and take ages.

If it’s possible the quickest way to get going is to spend money to make money!

Edit: Google shopping campaigns. Totally forgot about them but that will be a definite thing to do. You can get absurdly low cost per clicks there. I forgot about that because I haven’t set one up in years.

I had a daily budget on my last campaign of £6.50 and my cost per click was 14p! That would be fantasy land for my current lead gen campaigns.

That would get me about 1.2 to 1.5k clicks a month for only 200 quid. Now that ain’t too shabby. Get a solid shopping feed and start on that.

2 Likes usually has pretty solid, up to date advice.

A lot of the go to digital marketing books over last 2-3 years have become rapidly dated due to changes made by Google and the ubiquity of social media


Cheers @Spanky and @Les_Zeppelin. Will take a look at what you’ve suggested. :pray:

Anyone got an experience with advertising on Linkedin?

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Any Chrome users among us?

Wish I checked this thread more often now. I use Chrome all the time.

I assumed that was the ‘best’ one to use. What do we all do now? go back to firefox?

Still good, as far as I’m concerned.

Chrome will be patched ASAP, so I wouldn’t worry.

It is already patched.
Just make sure in the about section that the last two digits of your version number are at least 87.

More specifically 78.0.3904.87

Hoping someone here can help with this…

Lately i’ve been noticing that when I need to use a website that requires a captcha or some sort of security test, something on my computer (iMac running OS Catalina) appears to be blocking it. For example, I just tried to sign up to a website, filled in all my details etc and pressed submit and a pop up in the browser (Safari) appeared saying ‘The human test was not passed.’ A similar thing happened recently when trying to sign in to my web hosting admin panel, I got a message saying that the ‘Google Captcha wasn’t enabled’. Whatever this is is preventing me from accessing a whole host of log ins or form based sites.

I wondered if it was my VPN (Nord) blocking things but I’ve been running a VPN for a while and this is a new occurrence and I’ve also got it turned off at the moment.

The same problem occurs in Google Chrome. And as far as my antivirus is concerned, I don’t have any viruses. Any ideas?

Do you have adblock or any similar extensions enabled? Sounds like cookies being blocked.

As far as I can tell I’m not running anything but there’s definitely something getting in the way. I tested it last night by loading the same website on my computer and on an old laptop, and the webpage on the laptop showed one of those I am not a robot tick boxes on the log in page, but this wasn’t visible on the computer.

Is same thing being blocked on different browsers on same computer?
If so then it’s not browser, will be something to do with anti malware or antivirus on your OS (I think).

If you get different results on different browsers on same computer, then it’ll be browser specific. In which case disable all extensions on that browser and retest. If it fixes it, re-enable half the extensions and retest, repeat until you trace guilty extension. And let us know which one it was!!!

Also, try in incognito/private mode first, in case it is a cookie issue

Adobe Suite 2020 very buggy apparently

It’s like Adobe are deliberately trying to make life difficult for people.

Updated to Indesign 2020 today and it will not Save As, you have to delete the previous PDF before it lets me save. Pain in the ass. It also froze and crashed twice in one day

Still can’t fix this. Done every trouble shoot I can think of, started in safe mode, wipes cookies, cleared cache, uninstalled AVG, reinstalled Firefox and chrome. Issue still stands.

Just can’t work out what’s causing it…

You should have got rid of AVG a long time ago.
Not that it helps your buggy Adobe stuff.
Do you have any older Adobe stuff still installed?
If so, any chance it could be mixing up library files (.dll) that don’t suit the new packages?