The Computer/Software/Marketing Help Thread

This thread was always handy.

I’ve added marketing to the list because I think a few of us dabble.

I’ve got this conundrum.

I have a super succesful adwords campaign. It’s success relies almost exclusively on one broad match keyword which sucks in almost all enquiries. This shouldn’t work at all, but for some reason it just does. It converts like crazy and it also generates insane ROI. It’s 10/10 on QS as well.

Conversely, my facebook ads have gone to absolute shit. I think in my niche we target the same people and they are getting absolute sick to the tits of our ads. My cost per lead tripled this month.

I want to transfer my entire facebook budget to adwords.

The problem is the last time I tried to increase our daily budget, my conversions remained the same but my cost per lead doubled. I doubled my daily budget and it just doubled my costs but not my conversions.

I think it specifically increased my cost per click. It didn’t improve my search impression share or average position, it just spent my doubled budget for the same results. Which was nice.

Has anyone tried to scale up their adwords campaign whilst keeping CPA the same? I can’t really find any advice on the best way of doing it.

Increasing daily budget a bit at a time?

You should work for me, I outsource all of my paid social stuff.

Can’t help unfortunately but it seems like you’re asking the right questions.

There must be a forum but it’s all probably a load of opinions rather than data led logic.

Could you pay for some consultancy time with a specialist?

Lol. I just said my Facebook ads have gone to shit.

Would that be… yourself by any chance?

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Not a chance from the way you’re talking you clearly know way more than me on PPC stuff.

I’m just trying to think of ways to get you the help you need, but cheap. Maybe there’s some agency where you can find a PPC specialist and see if they (the specialist) will help you on a freelance basis as a one off. An agency will just want to keep you as an ongoing client whereas a freelancer won’t care as much if it’s just once.

I’ve used to find one off specialists before

Nice one!

Happy to help with any queries regarding web hosting from server side. When it comes to actual advertising and SEO you might as well ask a toaster

Les, get started on whatever subreddit exists about SEO which will point you in the direction of more quality workflows, techniques, and snake oil, heh…

I just have no idea how reddit works.

There’s no snake oil in PPC advertising. Its all right there in black and white.

Money goes in, results come out.

SEO… Yeah… Maybe not so much…

Don’t get disheartened when your CPA drops, it happens every time you raise bids as it takes time to convert. Just ease it up every week or two when you start seeing improvements. I always used to get the heebie jeebies doing this but as long as you don’t get impatient and bump it up too much you’ll be alright. That’s on Google anyway. I never managed to get Facebook working but that was in FS so that was never the right place. Been a while since I did anything in advertising though, so I’m probably talking shit.

When setting up a smart display ad campaign in Google, make absolutely double sure you actually select to target the UK…

My ad got approved and within 30 minutes I’ve had over 3,000(!!!) clicks from places all over the world.

Thank fucking CHRIST I’d only selected to pay per conversion and my conversion rate was like 0.09%.

I was looking at my analytics and it started doing this and I nearly pissed myself and spewed at the same time.

That’s my analytics account ruined forever then. :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

Pls remember to annotate the shame for posterity.


Les, fancy a little candid chat at some point and see if we can help eachother. I’m having difficulty pushing telephone call conversions – although we do work alongside a PPC / SEO agency.

Might help???

Anyone got a good way of checking a website for malicious scripts? The work website occasionally seems to go to some dodgy popups when you follow the google link. It only seems to happen every now and then. It’s not my department but it’s a very bad look. The website company they used seem pretty useless.

Yeah course.
I generate leads rather than phone calls but I have some high converting landing pages you can look at. A phone call is still a lead obviously.

My landing pages have a 10 step form which includes asking for peoples name & phone number and I have conversion rates of about 10-18%.

I’ll PM you what I do (if PM’ing is stiill a thing) later on.

Check the .htaccess in root, I had some bananas hack on a personal site where if you went straight to the site via typed URL in browser bar it loaded fine. If you came via Google or some kind of search result it would redirect to a sketchy site. Easily changed to open some kind of js popup.

I’ve used this site before to check for malware I have no idea where it sits in the heirarchy of website scanners though.

If your site uses Wordpress there’s a free plugin called Wordfence which I’ve found to be excellent and has an integrated malware scanner.

Nothing came up for that malware check, if I can access the root folder I’ll have a look. That sounds similar. Thank you for the info.

Yeah a malware scan from external site won’t be able to read .htaccess file