The Computer/Software/Marketing Help Thread

What’s your site for Les?

Run a Web application Vulnerability scan.
Nessus free might allow that.
Can’t remember off hand which functions are crippled in the free version compared to Pro.

Thanks for the feedback, guess I’ll need to go through an ftp and have a dig. Obviously won’t delete anything now but I’ll have a look for some weird js stuff.


Updated my Mac and my photoshop doesn’t work, anyone hook me up with a decent link to get CC? Been ripping my hair out on loads of ones that don’t seem to work. So long

Yo ned did you get my PM the other day?

My leads are a-poppin’ this month.

Nah I didn’t see mate. Will check now thanks man.

Does anyone on here design company logos? A mate of mine is setting up a new business and wants to get one done. Guess he needs a vector with a transparent background.

15% forum discount? :wink:

Try ‘free logo generator online’ search, quite a few come up, some are quite tasteful

if I was at work this week i’d sort it for you but i’m off looking after the kids for the first week of the hols.

If they can wait until next tues I can do no problem.

Cheers pal! Yes I’m sure he can.

I’ll PM you later.

Wow this is so clever

Just be wary the next time somebody gives you a lightning cable for your birthday. Even if it’s legit that’s still a shitty present.

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I have seen this on my iPhones (both 5 & now SE) when using a third party charge lead or plug.
It seems to stop when I unplug or use an official charger so I’m assuming that’s why.

Careful now.

Yeah I had this as well. As @doowyrag said it was either a shit cable or plug (I think in my case it was a charger not giving it enough beans)

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Never, ever use third party cables. I don’t know if it’s as prominent now, but on the 5/5s and I believe 6’s, third party chargers didn’t regulate voltage properly and as such the U2 IC chip would fry - this is the chip in control of the battery/charging so if that’s fried and your phone dies, it ain’t coming back on.

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This is pretty sick

Anyone gone over to the new macOS Catalina yet?

I’ve had nothing but trouble with this today

Sorry, passing on this one. The last one slowed my system down so much! Macbook is about 5 years old though, so just going to keep it where it is.

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