The Contest Thread

I’m going for what I reckon is a shrewd £10 on Manny to win a medal at 18/1 - outside chance that he chucks flip tricks at all the big rails and somehow rolls away.

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Sora Shirai is worth a punt, at least for a medal.

Realistically, men’s street is Nyjah vs Yuto. I reckon women’s street is slightly harder to predict.

I’d love Raysaa Leal to win*.

*if Alexis doesn’t.

Alexis currently at 40/1 on Paddy Power!

Opening ceremony about to kick off:

See if you can spot any skaters!

Final fantasy vii victory music (from the chocobo races) over the athletes walking in! Awesome.


I just had a look on TV. Was listening on the radio

It’s absolutely dead isn’t it. Poor Tokyo.

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This is going to go on forever.
Did Team GB salutes roll through yet?
I thought i saw them but it was like 11 people.

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Yeah GB already been. Only 20 of their athletes paraded.

Nyjah and Alexis look like they’re going to make an appearance judging by their respective instagrams.

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Ah right.
Yeah I saw alexis’ insta and she was all Lo’d out.
I didn’t see Nigel’s, because Nigel.

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Omg that is the greatest thing ever

Nige’s Insta is well worth a follow for the lols.


Sorry if this has already been discussed but what day and when are the skate competitions on?

Oski to win men’s park is 11/1 on skybet?! Doesn’t seem totally unrealistic.


Men’s street is this Sunday 25th, followed by Women’s street on 26th. Women’s park is on 4th August, followed by men’s park on 5th August.


All on BBC1 and iPlayer


Damn that time difference! Will pop them on to record.

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Do you not remember when South Korea and Japan hosted the 2002 World Cup, people were going to pubs at 8am? I guess they have to live with the time difference a lot more than we do when it comes to big sporting events though.

Welcome to being a UFC fan. That’s a walk in the park.

Recording it works fine for me on this one. I’m interested but not interested enough to stop up that late.

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Gonna be weird seeing clips of a competition with no crowd .

Oh actually street league …


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