The Contest Thread

It’s happening, you don’t have to like it or support it but for the love of Front Rocks support the right guys to guide it.

Can some internet tech god find the text from the last forum so we can recap and get gabbing again.

I suggest an online petition saying we ain’t happy to be represented by a one time MySpace model douche and friends, I’m sure we can get enough rumblings and support to make it be known. BMX and Snowboard communities would be down plus everyone has mates and social media mates who may want to sign… Just a thought.

I read somewhere the other day they are considering adding breakdancing. Looking a bit desperate for that youth audience… Maybe they should add finger spinners or pokemon go

It’s not that far off gymnastics these days. Maybe they could just do the ‘Urban Olympics’ for the yoof market.

Surfing is in the 2020 one too. Imagine having to build one of these every four years,


That font is obscene. The ‘k’ is so wrong.

K for Knife Crime! !K

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Also long, limp penis with bandage

It actually looks like they’ve started with good ol’ Futura Bold Italic, and doodled over it. The vague 3D-ness of the ‘S’ doesn’t match up with letters that it should, and yeah, that ‘k’… It’s horrible. Maybe it needs to look like this? Because of sport and that.

I’ll pipe up here… We got no monies. This has been done for us ‘for free’ by a company who were responsible for the British Cycling, British Rowing, British Fencing & others logos. It had a really shite image of a skateboarder before the text that the K kind of followed the image of… which may have made more sense BUT I couldn’t deal with how bad the graphic of the skater was so lopped it off for now.

We’re unable to to and fro with the Company too much because it was just a freebie / favour.

We have been awarded a grant from UK Sport to help support some skateboarders to try and qualify for Tokyo. Every penny of that grant is accounted for and can’t be used for ‘branding’ or whatever they just assume we have in place already. So it’s all back to us as Volunteers to sort this out.

If anyone wants to help ‘for free’ the door is always open!


The logo doesn’t really matter, looks like it fits the bill anyway and is better than the Skateboard England one imo.

Good luck with it all LA

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Nice, that explains it. Wondered if somebody else had taken charge and thought this looked ‘skateboardy’, but that’s good to know. Although utterly ridiculous you aren’t getting remotely like the level of funding you should be when fuck knows what other minority sports are probably getting well looked after.

Any update on what happened with the BSF or whatever they were called? Did the goodies win?

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Hi, So brief summary… British Skateboard Federation (BSF) = dead, kicked to the curb
World Skate forced us into a corner as they already recognised British Roller Sports Federation (BRSF) as the national governing body for skateboarding (wtf???) so we had no choice but to join them.
We spent weeks working up a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that originally began with a set of 10 criteria that we (Skateboard GB) would need to be met. We achieved 9.5 of these in the MOU. Here is a bit from the Press Release…
"The signing of the agreement means that Skateboard GB will be the recipient of UK Sport Aspiration funding to support Olympic qualification allowing up to five British skateboarders the opportunity to attend Olympic qualifying events with the hope of taking part in the inaugural Olympic skateboarding event at the Tokyo 2020 Games. The agreement also confirms that the skateboarding governing bodies retain responsibility for all decision making relating to the sport in the UK. "

So the members of Skateboard GB which are Skateboard Scotland, Skateboard :NI and Skateboard England all have complete autonomy and responsibility for skateboarding in their territories.

The 0.5 that we lost out on was the membership to the British Olympic Association (BOA). So the BRSF are the BOA member but it was agreed that Skateboard GB would select the Team Leader for Skateboarding for the BOA (as it’s a technical position) and the Main Rep/ Point of contact.

Hope this brief summary covers it.

In reality it has consumed me for months before work, during work and after work! A few of us fought really hard and we’re actually getting there now!


Damn! Good work all involved. Fuck the BSF. Keep up the good work.

Excellent work LA. This is a pretty thankless task but you guys did good here.

Surfing stuff will generally be held in natural locations - I don’t think that they will be building wavepools anytime soon.

I’ll do you a mascot!

I was actually on the final shortlist of two to do the London Olympic mascot. What a load of bollocks that was.




But these were iconic. Makes you proud.

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