The Continually Updated Footage Thread

I bought some of them a few years ago and they were perfect. I wish i could buy a couple more pairs to wear for the next few years

Just bought 2 more pairs of their work pants. Now that I’ve (finally) settled on a fit I think they’re my favourite trouser

I’ll take that as a compliment aha!! Thanks lad


Yes it is a compliment you are a hype man at the session.


That’s amazing to hear considering how good his blind part is.

I guess it was edited well and featured such a mix of fluid lines + bangers + the best ever fs invert. And filmed globally to an extent.

What is missing or was he just that good or better all the time?

This Gonz part is one of my favourites. Filmed in 87 even though it came out in 89…all this stuff is ground breaking.


I only found out this part existed about ten years ago or something. Clips from it were featured on UK tv when they broadcast that vert comp at Wigan(?).

I always thought it was from Barge at Will but never watched Barge at Will…then came across Mondo Vision on Youtube and there it was…the Gonz part I only knew from clips on Channel 4.

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He sounds so much like Andy Anderson in this.

This makes total sense. Can you imagine a part from 3 years of filming every day during that time?

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just reading through and was going to post this one.
part is incredible

also this much overlooked insanity inbetween Blind and Real
beyond fucked - the table to rail trick.
and the fact that 60/40 was basically Menace before Menace


Some good stuff here, cheers Gents.

Don’t forget - !!


Really looking forward to this. The Threads (Idea Vacuum) vids are sick.

I need to come off Instagram till I can sit down probably and watch that Jake part, the clips are blowing up and look mental.

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Santa Cruz have been building a good team last few years.

Still wouldn’t buy an SC board, but can appreciate it from afar

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To be honest I found the part weird in the end, it was like an introducing video part that turned him pro too. I didn’t need to see everything, including the half eaten sandwich in his bag (of tricks). Shame. Could of been done so much better, so stop, start…

Was it Jack Nicholson who said about Lord of the Rings “It just had to many endings man…”?

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The burnside trick had me totally hypnotised. I had to watch it over and over.

Ishod, Lil Dre, Jamir Brown, Christian Henry and others…’Good Guy’.

Did anyone post this new Tightbooth piece?
Nihon-jin on some serious trouser experimentation - become the kegs…


Totally forgot about this crew!

Whole clip was amazing but loved all those tricks on the tile ledge over grate, so satisfying especially the boardslide to 50.On paper should be a bit stinking but was actually proper