The Continually Updated Footage Thread

Continually updated footage thread. Couldn’t see one, so here it is.


Just got round to watching this. Love the Pass~Port crew.

I thought it would be better to have a category where you create a new post per video (if that makes sense)?

With an endless thread of videos it’s difficult to track which comment is for which video, or when commenting on a video from months back.

So a category where people post individual videos keeps the discussion nice and neat. Just my opinion though.

Great idea. Would that still be inside the main thread then?

I disagree entirely. This is not slap with hundreds of users, most videos barely get a couple of comments so there’s no need to seperate the chat and individual threads will just clutter up the forum. Plus it’s much easier to scroll back through footage when it’s all in one place.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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I think ‘big’ videos tend to get their own thread anyway, so whatever works for everyone.

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Yeah just keep it in a timeline and big vids should get their own thread for specific chat a lolz.

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I suppose that’s the good thing about this structure, I can just change category of this thread to videos, and if you prefer browsing as categories it works, and if you just leave it as default nothing changes…

Just got round to reading these points. I like the the idea of the timeline style that we had previously, and also bigger vids having standalone threads.

enjoyed these hammers, back noseblunt into the bank was wicked

Was expecting some weirder shit tbh

why do skateboarders wear their keys on a carabiner on tour?


Never understood this. I was watching the switch kickflip trickipedia video with John Dickson, and the way his key carabiner rattles in slo-mo really annoyed me.

Shawn Hale is fucking sick:

Fuck knows why he’s on Birdhouse.

This section from the same video is also fucking rad:

Maybe Birdhouse are trying hard to create a good team to sell their company, like every other company. It’s T hawk, maybe wish him well in trying.
Personally, the only thing Birdhouse ever suffered with was art direction, other than that it’s the same as any other company. That whole gay shunning shit was unfortunate too obv.

They soured things with their team’s behaviour on KOTR for a couple of years. Not down for Clint - particularly after he blacked up for fancy dress. Clive could win me over but still seems like a bit of a jock. Shawn doesn’t seem to fit with those dudes. That’s why I don’t really rate Birdhouse.

Anyone else watch this?