The Continually Updated Footage Thread

This anyone’s cup of tea?


Did not need to see that slam


Curb front blunt over the gap was sick especially on some sort of hybrid of these two decks.

Mind you it’s got to be a damn sight easier to ride than one of these things.

I love K-rod. Gallic shrug as ultimate after-bang.

K-rod easily top 5 for me.
And if im not mistaken was that a cheeky little grin after the first trick?


That was sick. Stoked to see him

Was going to post in the soty thread.


55 and only a few years out of a broken leg, it’s mad how he’s still skating at that level. Legend, obviously.

What’s the trick called at 1:05? Switch… (don’t want to call it over-willy)

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I’d say that was a fakie fs hurricane to fakie.

You’re right, watched it again and his foot is more on the tail than I thought on the ride up.

Yeah but he rides up the ramp fakie and carves backside… Haha. I think you’re right.

I quite liked the fakie body varial mayday thing, thought it was very H-Streetesque. I wanna give it a go (not on vert, obviously).

The dude is a legend for sure. Can’t believe it was uncool to like him not even that long ago. He’s untouchable.

Pretty mad edit from Georgia. Ending is very good.

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Rizzo looks moody but not miserable.
In his footage he always looks like he’s eying up his prey, not like a lion stalking a deer (?) but like Tony soprano when he suffocates the guy when he takes meadow to visit a college upstate


A surprisingly good tour video. Felt very Fallen despite the change in ownership, new team members etc.

Never heard of this dude before but he can huck

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Very central European streetwear feel to some of those fits.

Dude had a standout part in that Lakai ‘Bubble’ video a while back. This part is high energy bananas as well. I might have to see if I can resurrect my no-comply flips after seeing him bang out a chest high one at full speed.


So much speed and power.
BUUTTT Can’t stand watching people skate the front of houses when the owner/renter has clearly just said no.
Californian entitlement to the nth degree


New Limosine tour clip out - haven’t watched it yet, just wanted the soulless gratification of posting it first.