The Continually Updated Footage Thread

Tyler Surrey, Brian Reid etc in Bangkok.

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Caswell part was sick.

Does Lakai even exist anymore?

They came out with a pretty great full-length last year.

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I was not expecting a 2024 Caswell Berry part to be that good. Very enjoyable!


Caswell stoked me out. Wow. Some classic stuff going on there and he is still so good.

Honestly, I didn’t expect that either. I follow him on insta and I felt like he had a couple of years where he was really struggling.
Like, I think the 9-5 and possibly not looking after himself had meant it had all gone. He didn’t look so great on a skateboard…But clearly he has been on a mission and it is paying off. So rad.


I read somewhere he lives with vertigo or menieres and it dramatically affects his day to day balance, which is partially the reason for him going quiet.
May have been slap I read that on and I’m not interested in Caswell to have confirmed it, but if true, makes the section all that more impressive- That, on top of the fact that bag of suck (his peak) came out 18 years ago.

Stop….please :smile:

Caswell was my first favourite pro. I had this on daily repeat back in 2001 (cries in mid 30s), plus it got me into Atmosphere.

Wanna feel even older?

Caswell was the first person Volcom sponsored for skating. In 1993.


When he was 7?
Actually I’m more shocked that volcom existed in 93. Are you sure that’s right?

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Cab said he’s known him since he was 7 in that 411 part.

Freedom Wig came out in 97 and he was a small child in that. I think Chet Thomas might have been the first sponsored skater?

Nope. It’s true. Distinctly remember it from a team meeting back when I worked there. Oldest team rider.

Also, @Gconroy - it started in 1991.

Also, Yeah…Wiki claims Chet.

…but maybe thats oldest pro rather than oldest team rider?

Because Volcom site (and you can’t get to the page anymore as Caswell is off. But the global and uk sites are just reproductions of one another outside of CS and price info) claims he was:


Caswell’s my age?! Thought he was much older. He’s been around so long.

Sick part.


I have vague memories of 411 adverts for renaissance featuring him in the late 90s

Is that right, or am I thinking of someone else?

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just watched this - very good. grafters getting it.
talks about getting off the booze and various other adult stuff here:


Fuck me - no wonder everyone’s going to Thailand now.
Spots are nuts.


It also made me think about how archaic and despondent a lot of UK infrastructure/architecture is.


Yep - his home situation involved evangelical christianity and addiction iirc

School day for me. Seems mad to think of volcom existing when video days came out, then throughout the mid 90s.
Did anyone wear it back then or was it a small thing until the early 2000s boom?

  • not awake enough to word it properly.
    Before my time but not a company I associate with the 90s at all. Never hear anyone on a 411 say ‘hey my names …. I ride volcom’, or consider it existing in the same time frame as videos like trilogy etc