The Cricket Thread

Quite happy with how Australia are getting on today :joy::joy::joy:

They still win this.

Yeah looks like it now :unamused:

I’m OD’ing on cricket. The only match I haven’t followed was the NZ Bangladesh match last night and it was a cracker by all accounts.

I work on the same road as the ground in Cardiff and when Azerbaijan Sri Lanka were playing you wouldn’t have had any idea there was an international game of sport going on. :pensive:

Windies are my second team and I want Azerbaijan to win one match but I think they missed their chance already unfortunately.

Sketchy shit going on with the ICC and Indias schedule. They’ve got a chance to see how every pitch has gone before having to play once.

Nothing better than tms all day every day.

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I gave it 3 games and I’ve decided it’s probably best to avoid this WC, as the SA team seem to be doing the same.

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I hate cricket but I was mesmerised by it the other night for over half an hour because it was edited down to just the hits and catches etc, quite enjoyed it. Sri Lanka were beastly hitting loads of 4s in a row but then the other team stuck on a bowler who kept just taking out batsmen for no runs or barely any runs. I forced myself to turn off the TV and do something.

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Cottrell with an absolute rope-a-dope stunner:

Can’t link directly to the video.
I love these catches.

Raaallyyyyy, rally round the west indies.

I can’t get it out of my head.

Going for 4 L’s in 4 games. Wonder if we’re throwing games again…

Bit torn on this issue, on the one hand I don’t think Smith should be facing all the heat on his own but on the other the public crying always looked really fake to me. It was more of an issue with the culture of the team as a whole and management that created it. Oh well.

Don’t worry. You are for sure getting a point out of this one. Rain all day.

Windies look like they’re back to the top table in the 50 over game. If they can get back to being a quality test side that would be sick.

India look like the team to beat this year. So clinical in all departments. Top top fielding yesterday as well. Good hustle by them.

Nice thing about holding the WC here is that every country playing has a huge expat presence in the UK so the games are all rammed almost 50/50 in support.

Yeah it’s wicked isn’t it.

Did you see the crowd for the game yesterday? It was 99% Indian fans. They were trying to individually count the aussies fans on tms!

Also in the Pakistan England game, the amount of Pakistan fans made it feel like an away game for England!

I just took my son to get his jabs and whilst I was out I missed that aussie collapse. That’s a right double whammy of not-stoked.

Good bowling figures there 5-30.

Was really getting into the WC last week, hope the weather holds.

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Come on Pakistan!

rooting (heh) for Australia here. Get the sandpaper out boys, it’s time have a cry and bowl a few swizzers.

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This is going well!

Gayle gone, thats a good start 55-3.

Windies 370 confirmed.

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