The Cricket Thread

I know England have crapped out as well but I just need to use this gif:


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Good finish possibly brewing here. Australia should’ve got 400+ easy.

Pakistan need 150 with 7 with wickets in hand and 18 overs to go to chase down 367.

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Possibly not. Oh well.

They really should’ve. Fuck me this has to have been the worst defense of any title in any sport ever.


They’ve turned a bad defence into some kind of performance art.




Interesting article that goes into the conditions that they’re playing in.

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Apparently Rashid’s run out is a classic, just trying to find a clip.

Wouldn’t have put Australia v Afghanistan as the match of the tournament but there you go.


Get the highlights if you can. Wow.

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They can’t lose this surely.

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So stoked (not) that I couldn’t see or hear it. A stonking victory that I will never remember.

Being on Sky is lame enough but they can get fucked if I’m going to subscribe to another thing.

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That’s not cricket.

Super over alert

Love seeing a plucky underdog take it, but when it is the USA my feelings are much more mixed…

Scotland are still 275/1 to win the whole thing but have a legit chance of making the semis now.

'Mon the Scots.

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Bangladesh absolutely robbed against SA.

Umpire gave a dreadful LBW (a full wtf are you on decision) which actually went for 4 leg byes. Bangladesh reviewed, were successful but lost those 4 runs.

Bangladesh in the end lost by…4 runs.

There were also 1 meter away from getting the 6 they needed for the win off the second to last ball.

TBF Bangladesh should’ve won regardless but still…feels like a stinker.

why did they lose the 4 runs?

So looked it up after because I hadn’t seen this before.

So the ball flicked off his pads and the ball was racing away for 4 byes. It was clearly missing the wicket. SA appealed and the umpire raised his finger before the ball actually hit the ropes.

Bangladesh appealed because it was an absolute howler of a decision and were successful so the decision was overturned, but because the umpire gave him out before the ball hit the rope it was a dead ball.

So the equation would’ve been 22 off 22, but it turned to 26 off 22.

There was also another very, very strange LBW call a couple of deliveries later that was dodgy too.

In the last over Maharaj dished up 3 horrible full tosses so Bangladesh had every chance to get over the line anyway. Exciting and controversial.

so basically I assume the fielding team stopped on the umpire decision as well? I suppose it is playing to the whistle but it sounds like something that needs amending in the laws. If they can use projections for LBWs that show that the ball would have hit the wickets then surely the same could be done to project the ball hitting the boundary.